Selecting The Right Living Room Lamps For Your Home

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There are four important rooms in our home: living room, family room, bedroom and kitchen. If we can organized all stuffs here well, we will have dream home. Our family will feel comfortable living here. For our guests or people we invite. Living room will be their focusing point. If our living room is looked good, it will make our guest feel enjoy and relax. Using the right living room lamps are great idea for fulfilling this purpose. This is inexpensive idea, but it has great impact for our guest.

Living Room Lamps

Nowadays we can find living room lamps in many various design and style: hanging lamps, table lamps and floor lamps. For decorating our living room, we can use one of these types or combine more than one type. Before decorating living room, we must measure our living room area first. We will use this measurement for determining how number lamps exactly we will use. Bigger size need much more lamps. Besides determining number of lamp. We can determine the right wattage we need. If our living room size is small, using big wattage lamps, will hurt our eyes.

Living Room Floor Lamps

Determine too the living room lamps style we will place. It’s better placing the same theme for lamps and living room interior. We should place modern lamps style for modern living room interior, as well as other theme. Place antique lamps on modern living room or modern lamp on classic room are not match. We must remember that nowadays, lamps are not serving the core function for lighting area, but it must accommodate other consideration, such as for beautifying area.

Living Room Table Lamps

Simple idea for choosing lamp here: one hanging lamp with two table lamps, one hanging lamp with two floor lamp or one hanging lamp with one table lamp and one floor lamp. It can be applied for standard size room. Bigger need much more lamps, but combination of these lamps types can always be applied.

Table lamp is popular type for decorating living room. There are a lot of beautiful designs we can choose. We can place table lamp on cabinets, shelf or table near sofa. Table lamp usually come in circle , rectangle and other geometry shape cap. Circle cap with above diameter less than bottom. Actually, the appeal factor of these table lamps are on the cap covering inside lamps. Maybe, inside lamp is same, but different cap covering lamp will show different impression.

If we will make our guest become more excite, place table lamp in front of them and choose red color. This color has character for exciting person. If we will make our guests become more relax, soft green and blue are the fit colors.

Selecting The Right Living Room Lamps For Your Home: Living Room LampsSelecting The Right Living Room Lamps For Your Home: Living Room Floor LampsSelecting The Right Living Room Lamps For Your Home: Living Room Table Lamps

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