Smart Way For Modern And Elegance Bay Window Dressing

Do you look for smart and simply way for changing your interior look with new dramatic appearance? But you will not spend a lot of time and money for decorating your interior. So, try to change your bay window dressing. This is smart trick for impressing your guests and it will bring fresh look after you change it. Your window will be looked modern and elegance after you change it.

Bay Window Dressing

Your bay window dressing will be better if can combine all of elements, such as blinds, shades, valances and belt in unity form. This will be harmonized and synchronized with your window appearance. Using a lot of material and color will disturb focusing interesting point of your window decoration. Choose uniform themes, when will decorate this window. We can choose natural theme, such as flower, animal, bamboo, sky, beach, moon or water for this. Or we can apply other theme as we wish. No matter where theme we will use, it must be used in unity.

Bay Window Dressing Ideas

Your bay window dressing must be synchronized with your interior room and your exterior or landscape. It will be strange, if we use natural theme that red flowers dominate design, but our wall color brown. We must repaint our wall or change color domination of bay window dressing. Every color here must be match. It means the perfect unity. Besides that, your bay window dressing must be harmonized with your landscape view. Use your imagination what the best pattern for your bay window dressing that match with your landscape. For example, there are green trees with various flowers, it is better if we choose flower or leaf pattern on our bay window dressing. Matching the dominant color of your landscape with your bay window dressing. If we apply southwest landscape style for our garden, maybe dark or many colors pattern on bay window dressing will not match. Southwest landscape reflect desert atmosphere and hot condition. So, white or yellow are the right color for our bay window dressing.

Small Bay Window Dressing

But what should we do, if we have certain favorite bay window dressing, and it is not match with interior and exterior condition? It can happen for everyone. To solve this problem, no other way, we must change our interior and landscape atmosphere. Well, we can do this, but it needs more effort than if we only decorate our bay window. First step, repaint our wall with new color and add new elements on our garden for balancing it with our bay window dressing.

Conclusion, smart way for bay window dressing must consider two critical factors: unity theme and harmonizing with interior and exterior atmosphere.

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Smart Way For Modern And Elegance Bay Window Dressing: Bay Window DressingSmart Way For Modern And Elegance Bay Window Dressing: Bay Window Dressing IdeasSmart Way For Modern And Elegance Bay Window Dressing: Small Bay Window Dressing

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