The Best Way To Install Floating Wooden Floors

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A floating oak floor is usually made for floating wooden floors. However, in fact floating wooden floors is simply the name which has been given to oak flooring which has not been which has not been attached to the floor beneath it (known as the sub-floor to those who fit solid oak flooring for a living) either using nails, staples or glue. Instead, these solid oak floors are left to float on top of the sub-floor. This materials are usually used for this.

Floating wooden floor on your home
Several type of floor, be it a solid oak floor, natural oak flooring, oak wood flooring, or solid wood flooring can be made in a floating version. However, when thinking about installing a floating wooden floor you will need to carefully consider if the location you plan on installing the floor is right. This is important to think about as installing a floating floor in an unsuitable place can inhibit the quality of the floor sooner than if the floating floor had been installed in a more suitable place on your home.


Step to floating floor installation
Many people asked questions about floating wood floors is if the floorboards are not secured using nails or glue then won’t the boards become loose and make the floor uneven and unsteady to walk on? However, the majority of floating floors are made up of extremely sturdy wooden boards which have a snap and lock mechanism. This secures each plank of wood together to the plank next to it- which achieves a secure looking and feeling wooden floor. It increases better usage.

Nice floating hardwood floor on living home
There are numorous benefits for opting for a floating wood floor rather than a secured one. The first advantage is that there are no chemical adhesives used to secure the floor down, which means that the air quality inside the building remains a much higher standard than when wood floors are installed where the floor is glued to the sub floor beneath. The second is that the installation process of a floating floor is much tidier and easier to complete too.

Anotheradvantage of opting for a floating wooden floor rather than one which is secured down is that these floors are more prone to withstand expansion and contraction caused by changes in humidity and temperature.

Floating hardwood floors are also a more environmentally friendly choice because they require less wood to make them than solid wood floors do.

Another advantage is cheaper price, because they need less timber, they are generally a more cost effective option than solid wood floors. And they are also fairly simply to install yourself too- saving you on labour costs also.

The Best Way To Install Floating Wooden Floors: Floating wooden floorThe Best Way To Install Floating Wooden Floors: Floating floor installationThe Best Way To Install Floating Wooden Floors: Floating hardwood floor

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