The Fastest And Simplest Way For Decorating Your Wall

Are you feel bored with your living room interior? But you will not plan to repaint wall, redecorate bay window and change furniture. Maybe placing wall pictures for living room will solve your problem. It’s like plug and play technique. Very simple way for doing this. Other advantages, it can cover your wall surface and we can interesting wall pictures for living room with inexpensive budget. We are unnecessary to place original painting from Picasso, Van Gogh or Monet here. We can use printing picture or cheap oil painting. There are a lot of oil painting with low price. What you need here is only aesthetic taste for selecting the right wall pictures for your wall.

Wall Picture For Living Room

Wall pictures for living room come in various size, style and color. We can place up to three wall pictures on the living room, but if the size of picture is big, just place one is enough. We can put it behind homeowner chair position when receiving guest. It will be looked very beautiful. These wall pictures are usually use frame from wood and brass. If you like looked antique, choose wood or brass with antique or engraving ornaments. But, you want your wall pictures are looked modern, choose solid wood without ornament. Between frame and picture give space for white paper or canvas. It will help for focusing the beauty of picture.

Large Wall Pictures For Living Room

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If we will create modern and fresh atmosphere, choose wall pictures for living room in bright colors, such as yellow, blue, green, red and other colors as complement. For picture style, we can choose natural, expressionism, abstract and cubic.

Framed Wall Pictures For Living Room

Natural  style. Natural style means that all objects in the pictures are the same with the real objects. Many printing pictures or oil painting in natural style, such as picture of animal, flower, woman, landscape, etc. Choose pictures with bright color. Maybe pictures of fishes and birds are great idea. It can fresh your living room atmosphere and bring close to nature.

Expressionism style. Different with natural style, with this style, all of objects on pictures can still be recognized but it is displayed with modification, become more art look. This style is found at first time by Van Gogh. But we are unnecessary to pace the origin Van Gogh’s painting here. It’s very expensive. We can buy Van Gogh’s painting in printing version in lower cost or we can choose other pictures or oil painting that use expressionism style.

Abstract style. This style is the opposite of natural style. We are difficult to recognize what objects in the picture. But, it doesn’t matter. The abstract picture in good color composition will be interesting sight on the wall.

Cubic style. Just look at Picasso painting pictures, so you will know what the meaning of cubic. This picture style is interesting we put on the wall. Buy printing version of Picasso’s painting or other pictures that come in cubic style. Selecting that comes with bright color.

For frame, choose solid wood in black color. Similar with white paper or canvas above, it can help focusing the existing picture inside. Put in the right place on your wall. Now, your living room become more fresh and interesting.

The Fastest And Simplest Way For Decorating Your Wall: Wall Picture For Living RoomThe Fastest And Simplest Way For Decorating Your Wall: Large Wall Pictures For Living RoomThe Fastest And Simplest Way For Decorating Your Wall: Framed Wall Pictures For Living Room

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