The Important Of Salvaged Wood Flooring

Wood floor restoration is important task of salvaged wood flooring, as there are two types that can be done and if you have an idea of what type of restoration you need you can have a rough idea of what it will cost you and how long it may take to complete.

Salvaged wood flooring process to repair the damage

The two types of  salvaged wood flooring or floor restoration are partial and full. Partial restoration is a painstaking process that can be time consuming, but it is important that the contractor takes the time to undertake this process to the highest standard as subpar partial restoration can be an eyesore. Partial restoration is only necessary if parts of your wood flooring are in salvageable condition and there is no need to rip up the entire floor.
Reclaimed wood floor when wood floor is too old
The first stage in the partial restoration process is to identify what type of salvaged wood flooring you already have so that with that knowledge, the contractor can then find old and reclaimed wood that closely matches the flooring you have. If this is done right, a partial restoration will be seamless and even an expert eye would not be able to tell that your floor has been partially restored rather than fully restored.

Old wood floors need be salvaged

Knowing this, it is clear what a full restoration would entail. A full restoration is the complete renovation of your wood flooring from top to bottom. This should only be the case if your wood flooring is beyond partial restoration, meaning there is not enough of the flooring left in good condition to justify using those parts, or it can not much your existing flooring.

Flooring that can be salvaged usually will undergo a light makeover to bring it right back up to the standard it was once in. This includes repairing dents, cracks and splits in the wood. If there are gaps in the wood that can be filled, they will be and if the wood needs some degree of finishing that will also happen. A good contractor will only replace a floorboard that is beyond repair and if the contractor is worth the money, there shouldn’t be many replacements. Good contractors save wood where they can.

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The Important Of Salvaged Wood Flooring: Salvaged wood flooringThe Important Of Salvaged Wood Flooring: Reclaimed wood floorThe Important Of Salvaged Wood Flooring: Old wood floors

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