The Mysterious Fractal Pattern As An Interior And Exterior Design Theme

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Fractal pattern is geometry pattern. This fractal pattern becomes popular term since physic quantum use this term for explaining concept about energy pattern in universe. Until now fractal pattern is a miracle and mysterious pattern in human living. We can find this pattern on molecular crystal structure and galaxy. In the ancient culture, this fractal pattern is believed have mysterious power. This pattern is believed have power for harmonizing human living. Some of religion use fractal pattern as their symbol. Now, what will happen if we use this fractal pattern concept when we decorate our home and garden? It’s wonderful and amazing effort. There are many fractal patterns, but for decorating, square fractal patterns are the simple pattern that we can apply.

Square Fractal Patterns

Now, we can try to apply these square fractal patterns into our interior and exterior. Wall and floor can be our focusing point when decorating our room interior. We can install ceramic tile on floor with square fractal patterns. Our floor will be very unique, modern and attractive. We can install this ceramic type in our living room, family room, basement, bedroom or even bathroom. Some of ceramic designs come with beautiful fractal pattern. Choose fractal pattern that we like.

Picture Of A Fractal

We can also decorate our living room wall with these square fractal patterns. We can use it as wall decoration, such as modern wall clock or painting picture. We can buy printing poster with picture square fractal patterns. Here we can choose complexity and colorful square fractal pattern. More complexity means more mysterious and attractive as an unique wall decoration. Install modern or custom frames for this picture. Install this big picture on the wall. For focusing this wall decoration, we can paint our living room wall in bright color. If possible, install hockey puck light on top side or bottom side for lighting this picture. When night come, it will be wonderful wall decoration.

Fractal Patterns In Nature

Our garden can also be decorated with this amazing fractal pattern. Install con block in our garden and then in center position of this con block, we can arrange some con blocks with different color to form simple square fractal patterns. It will be wonderful sight in our garden. It’s not difficult for installing con block following this pattern. There are several square fractal patterns we can try to be applied in our garden. We may believe that after installing these square or other fractal patterns in our home and garden, we will feel more comfortable, relax and harmonize with nature. Maybe other people will debate this faith. Ok, it’s debatable concept. But, one thing we can believe based on science fact: all of universe elements from subtle energy inside atom until galaxy are on fractal pattern. So, why we don’t try to apply this concept when decorating our home?

The Mysterious Fractal Pattern As An Interior And Exterior Design Theme: Square Fractal PatternsThe Mysterious Fractal Pattern As An Interior And Exterior Design Theme: Picture Of A FractalThe Mysterious Fractal Pattern As An Interior And Exterior Design Theme: Fractal Patterns In Nature

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