The Practical And Flexible Studio Day Sofa For Our Home

Usually we must buy and arrange sofa furniture in one set. In this set include several chair and table. For placing them on living room, we must arrange all of these furniture set. We can not separate them on several place, but it must be arranged in one cluster no matter wherever we place it. It’s different if we use studio day sofa. Studio day sofa can be stand alone furniture. Without other furniture, this existing is able for decorating room. The best room for placing this studio sofa is family room or terrace. This is perfect furniture for relaxing, reading book or magazine, enjoy outdoor view, watching movie and listening music.

Studio Day Sofa

Studio day sofa is usually consist wood seat with rest place for our back. Above this wood seat we can place soft mattress and pillow. For beautifying these mattress and pillow, we can cover it with pretty cover. Usually this studio sofa has more than one rest place for back, but several type have only one rest place for back. No matter which type we use, this is the perfect sofa with many functions we can get.

Studio Day Sofa Slipcover

If we like classic style, we can choose studio day sofa with wood seat from solid wood. There are ornamental carving on this wood seat. Glossy light brown is perfect color for showing classic style. Some other types come without ornamental carving. It’s also from solid wood and then painted in black or brown color. This type is looked more modern than first type as above described.

Studio Day Sofa Replacement Covers

Put it on family room in front of TV set. We can feel comfortable watching TV from here. Or sit down here. Put our head on pillow and then listening music. Wow, it’s very relax. Other good idea, place this studio day sofa near the window. It can be such as window cushion seat. Read magazine and book while enjoying outdoor view is fun activity.

Other advantage of this studio day sofa, we can replace and change sofa and pillow cover easily. We can buy on the store. There are a lot of style, design, pattern and color we can choose for our studio day sofa. Adapt this style and pattern with our whole room interior for better appearance. Now, let’s enjoy with studio day sofa.

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The Practical And Flexible Studio Day Sofa For Our Home: Studio Day SofaThe Practical And Flexible Studio Day Sofa For Our Home: Studio Day Sofa SlipcoverThe Practical And Flexible Studio Day Sofa For Our Home: Studio Day Sofa Replacement Covers

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