Tips To Choose Creative Interior Design

There’s no limit to explore creative interior design ideas. This idea can come everywhere. Basic idea to create interior design style is from color choosing and architecture theme. Different color has different atmosphere. The right color can beautify a room, affect positive mood and express personality. Including colors choosing to decorate interior are  glam, cool, vibrant and neutral décor. Creative interior design can also inspired from architecture style. Architecture themes which can be inspiration are rustic, southwestern, coastal, historical, retro, Tuscan, Mediterranean and modern. Actually there are a lot of colors and architecture styles, but here we only take several examples.

Creative Interior Design

If we look for luxurious, glamour, everlasting and shady atmosphere, use glam décor as creative interior design theme. As looked on first picture, it’s looked good. It combines several ultimate characters. Next theme is cool décor. It’s more smooth and tranquil. It brings optimism atmosphere. Look at the second picture as example. Vibrant décor reflect fun, trendy and spirit as seen on third picture.

Creative Interior Design Ideas

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First architecture theme which inspire us is rustic theme. We can create creative interior design with this theme by using natural elements, such as cedar wood and natural stone. Cedar wood is used to make furniture and natural stone for fireplace mantel. This room can also decorated with wild animal pictures such as bison, eagle, deer and wolf.

Creative Interior Design Studio

If we don’t like rustic theme, maybe southwestern theme is more interested for us. Southwestern style reflect desert atmosphere. This décor is influenced by native American art, including here are rugs, pottery, basket, blanket and so on. Besides that this style is also influenced by Mexican elements. The right color room interior in this theme are orange and brown.

The next architecture theme is coastal. This theme represent ocean living. To adapt this theme, we can put salt water aquarium on living room. Besides that room interior can be painted with blue, white, orange, tan and pink. And furniture are made from rattan, bamboo and teak. These woods are typical wood from tropical region.

Or if we like remember history, historical theme can be chosen. Including here are colonial and Victorian architecture style. Their room interior style can be adapted to decorate our room interior. Colonial is old style home from American. This home has symmetrical shape, while Victorian is old style home from English. This home is famous with asymmetrical shape.

Tips To Choose Creative Interior Design: Creative Interior DesignTips To Choose Creative Interior Design: Creative Interior Design IdeasTips To Choose Creative Interior Design: Creative Interior Design Studio

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