Tips To Create Classic Wall Design

No all people like modern style,  there are still a lot people that like classic style. Classic is everlasting style. It can be predicted will withstand for long time. To create classic wall design impression, we can do with three things. These are paint color, sculpture, mirror and painting. It can be completed with classic style furniture.  Starting from paint color. Undoubtedly that first impression to wall is determined by paint color choosing. Superior quality paint with good color can create positive impression for guests. The right color for improving classic impression are indigo, eggplant, brown, grey, black and white. Be careful if use black, cause it can make room become dark.

Classic Wall Design

In choosing paint color, we must choose between create classic appearance and express our personality. Some people express their personality and taste on color choosing. But, if we have goal to create classic atmosphere, maybe these colors are not fit with our personality, except if we have the same favorite color with these classic color. Other thing to create classic wall design style is sculpture.  This sculpture can be used from wood, copper and gypsum. Several classic style sculpture with take shape such as Icarus, Alexander The Great, Adonis, Apollo and so on can be chosen. White color sculpture can be matched for any rooms.

Classic Wall Art

The next classic wall design idea is by installing mirror. Now, mirror is not ordinary home appliance. It’s also for beautifying a room. Several mirrors such as oval Venetian mirror and royal Baroque mirror are very good as wall decoration. These mirrors has beautiful frame. It’s more expensive than ordinary mirror, but it will be looked beautiful wherever they are installed.

Classic Wall Decor

Last element to create classic style is painting. Some famous painting such as Sun Flower ( Van Gogh ), Monalisa ( Leonardo da Vinci ), Night Watch ( Rembrandt ) are very good to improve classic style. But, these paintings are very expensive. But, we can buy replica or repro version. Don’t worry, replica version is almost like original painting. Then complete these paintings with antique style frame from wood.

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Tips To Create Classic Wall Design: Classic Wall DesignTips To Create Classic Wall Design: Classic Wall ArtTips To Create Classic Wall Design: Classic Wall Decor

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