Advantage And Weakness Of House Plans With Loft

Cost of building for house with or without loft is different. Usually house plan with loft has construction cost is more expensive than house without loft.  For example a house without loft with 2000 square feet and a house with 1200 square feet on first floor and 800 square feet on loft will be more expensive on the second house, even though these two house has the same total size. This total size is same, but these house has different construction.  Construction for house without loft and with loft are different, because these house hold different weight. House with loft will have foundation deeper and construction iron bigger than house without loft. On second floor, it must be there’s strong concrete construction.

House Plans With Loft

Build house plans with loft has spend more money than house without plan in the same size. This is the weakness from house with loft. But building house with loft will save land space. For example, if our land dimension is 1200 square feet, it’s impossible to build house without loft with dimension 2000 square feet. But it’s possible if we build house with loft. It’s so why on big city there are a lot of building with tens to hundreds floor tier. It’s for building a lot of rooms in limited space. House with loft can be solution for limited land space. Besides that, house with loft is more trendy than house without loft. Room on loft can be relaxing place, especially if this house is built on place with beautiful view.

House Plans With Loft Design

Living in loft is more relax than on first floor, because all of house activities are done in first floor, such as cooking on kitchen, watching TV on family room and meet guest. Loft is more quiet. If we like reading a book, bedroom on loft can be good place. Especially if this loft is built with open space with beautiful outdoor view surrounding this house. It will be pleasant place for relaxing. For this condition, wood floor tile can be good choice. Its natural color can bring calm atmosphere. It can make us more relax. Maximize space and improve privacy on loft are several advantages of house plans with loft.

House Plans With Loft Interior

A small family with limited land space can also build house with love, even though this loft will not be built now. Maybe few years again it will be built. It can be done by adapting house grown concept. On this concept, we can imagine that a house seems grow like a tree  from small become big tree. To adapt this concept, this house must be prepared built with construction for two floor building, even though now is built with one floor. Someday, this construction will support when they will build new loft.

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Advantage And Weakness Of House Plans With Loft: House Plans With LoftAdvantage And Weakness Of House Plans With Loft: House Plans With Loft DesignAdvantage And Weakness Of House Plans With Loft: House Plans With Loft Interior

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