Affordable Price House On The Tiny House Company

If we want to have  a tiny house, we can buy tiny house plan or ready made tiny house on the tiny house company. The owner of this company is Jay Shafer. He’s the master on tiny house part. He has been for years developing this tiny house. His tiny house company is first recommended if we want to buy tiny house plan or ready made tiny house. If we want to save money and we want to feel how to build this tiny house, buy tiny house plan is good choice. But if we have extra money and we don’t want waste time for building this tiny house, buy ready made tiny house is fast way to have this tiny house. This tiny house company offers bungalow, portable house and cottage. We can buy plan or ready made on bungalow and portable houses. On cottage, there’s only buy plan choice.

The Tiny House Company

The tiny house company of Jay Shafer has offered many various beautiful bungalow, portable house and cottage. If we have wide yard around our home, we can place these houses into our back yard. Just choose which type that match with our requirement. If we like tiny house for resting or relaxing without portability, because we will place this tiny house in certain place in our yard, bungalow is good choice. If we like adventure from town to another town, portable house is the right choice. If we want small houses, but it’s wider than bungalow and portable house, cottage type is fit for this requirement. This cottage can be functioned as villa. We can gather our family here when holiday come or we can invite our friends for drinking coffee here. It’s very pleasant place for relaxing.

Tiny House Company Virginia

From their designs, it seems that this tiny house company like simplicity, practicality and avoid complicated when designing and building a house. It’s fit for modern people. This tiny house company is the first choice when people want small house in fast way. Their design is good. It fulfill aesthetic function well. Simple but beautiful. Besides that, this tiny house company is looked pay attention on living in eco friendly. It’s looked from their material choice to build these houses. Wood is dominating material here. Living in these houses make us feel close to nature.

Tiny House Plans

How to decorate these houses are not difficult, because these houses has small dimension and simple rooms arrangements. These houses are looked has living in harmony concept. So it’s better if we restrict to use modern appliances here. Simple furniture and appliances are enough here. On living room, we can put small sofa. Small bed can be added. To decorate floor, we can put soft rug or carpet. Window curtain can be chosen in bright color. Several pictures with classic frame can be installed on the wall. Some books can be placed on some racks here. Furniture in similar color with these house are good choice.

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Affordable Price House On The Tiny House Company: The Tiny House CompanyAffordable Price House On The Tiny House Company: Tiny House Company VirginiaAffordable Price House On The Tiny House Company: Tiny House Plans

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