Antique And Unique Tiny Homes Texas

If we like tiny house, little house trailer or small house, but in antique and unique home style, tiny home Texas is the answer as seen on the first and second picture. This home is similar with other small house, but this home is built using reclaimed wood. When we look at this home, it will be looked that this home has tents years age. If we like old style to remember grand ma home, this is the right choice. What make this home is so special, because of materials using. From outside and inside, this home design will not significantly different with other small home from wood. This reclaimed wood makes this home very antique. It can bring the past atmosphere.

Tiny Home Texas

A tiny home Texas can be used as relaxing home or permanent home. If we will use this home for permanent home and we live in the city, tiny home Texas in modern style with is better choice. This type is looked as new home. Exterior side is more tidy and clean than tiny home from reclaimed wood. Both of these types use wood as dominating materials. Living here will feel shady, because of natural color of wood. For better decorating, this wood material is not painted, but melamine. Paint will disappear natural wood pattern. Melamine is better. It can coats this wood without disappearing this pattern.

Tiny House Small Homes

If we like living in tiny home Texas and feel closer to nature, we can place this antique style tiny home into rustic region. This area is more pure than city. Here we can get fresh air and water. Environment here is more healthy with a lot of trees surrounding this area. Place this tiny home here is good idea. It can be harmonized with outside environment. Furniture that it’s fit with this tiny home is antique furniture style from wood. On the patio we can install antique hanging lamp. When night come, turn on this lamp, and this tiny home will have wonderful sight.

Tiny Texas Houses

To decorate garden, we can plant ornamental grass and some flower. We can build retaining wall here from stone or wood. This retaining wall is deliberately not built from wood or concrete. Stone or wood in antique style can bring the past atmosphere. Perfect with this reclaimed wood tiny house. Don’t decorate this room interior with modern furniture or modern appliances. It will not match with this antique tiny house. Choose antique theme for decorating this room interior. And for cleaning this tiny house is easy. Just use water, broom, mop and cleaner. Clean regularly from dirt and dust. Let this unique tiny house impresses our neighbors.

Antique And Unique Tiny Homes Texas: Tiny Home TexasAntique And Unique Tiny Homes Texas: Tiny House Small HomesAntique And Unique Tiny Homes Texas: Tiny Texas Houses

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