Basic Principle For Measuring Square Footage Area

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Measuring square footage area can be easy and difficult depended on the geometry shape of area that we will measure and calculate. If this geometry shape come in regular shape, such as circle, rectangle, triangle, trapezium, and so on, we will not meet difficulty. There are exact mathematic formula for measuring this square footage area. But if the geometry shape comes in irregular shape, it will be more difficult than regular shape. We must divide this area in small area with regular shape, calculate each small area and then we sum all of this square footage area. This is manually method. If we want make fast calculating, we can use some home design software. It can calculate automatically.

Measuring Square Footage

When we will build a home, we will meet this situation. Several land shapes and most house floor plans are not come in regular geometry shape. For irregular land shape will not be problem for us. We are not necessary to calculate this land. Because it has been land wide data on this land document. We are still necessary for measuring square footage when we will build a home. After we plan lay out or house floor plan, we must calculate this square footage area. This data will determine how much building materials we will use and how much money we will pay for buying these building materials and for paying building handyman, carpenter and so on later.

Measuring Square Footage Of House

Both of we will build this home with or without building architecture consultant, we must able for measuring square footage of this home. On professional architecture office, they also measure this square footage for determining their fee. Principle of measure irregular geometry is as above explanation by dividing into several small regular geometry shape and then sum it. This basic principle can be use for all of building and home shape and design. Single and more than single house tier can be calculated in this way. For measuring square footage of two house tier, we can add sum of first tier wide and second tier wide.  Some of home design software such as Autocad can be used for measuring square footage in simple and fast way.

Measuring Square Footage For Flooring

Other method except dividing this area into small area and then add all of small area wide to get the whole are wide, we can make helping line to make big rectangle surrounding this irregular area. Then we multiply length and width. Then result of this multiply is reduced with exceed area between this helping line and the real area.

Basic Principle For Measuring Square Footage Area: Measuring Square FootageBasic Principle For Measuring Square Footage Area: Measuring Square Footage Of HouseBasic Principle For Measuring Square Footage Area: Measuring Square Footage For Flooring

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