Beautiful And Small House Models

For young couple and little family, a beautiful small house is dream home for them. Small house with less budget for bulding, but it’s enough for their family and it’s also comfortable to be placed. It’s perfect small house. Looking for small house models ideas will be chalenging task. A lot of small house designs on book, magazine or internet we can explore. The first tip when we look for small house idea is pay attention on house floor plan and not on house architecture style. Remember, house architecture style is such as clothes and house floor plan is such as body. Focus on house floor plan when explore small house design idea. After we get the right floor plan idea, then house architecture style is easy to be developed.

Small House Models

Look at the first picture above. This is good example for a small house floor plan. This house has one master bedroom, one bedroom for kids, one living room, one kitchen, one bathrom, one veranda and one patio. Bathroom is placed outside bedroom, because it’s used together.We can modify by adding new bathroom insidemaster bedroom. This living room is completed with firelace mantel. It can be focusing point on this living room. Even though now we can find many various room heater, but the existing of fireplace mantel can beautify a room interior. Here kitchen and dining room are incorporated on one space. Between kitchen and living room, we can install partition as divider.  This is one od good small house models.

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Small House Designs

This floor plan is flexible. We still can modify to adapt with our requirement, such as if necessary we can eliminate railing inside house. Veranda can be minimized and new space for planting some flowers. Position kitchen and master bedroom can be exchanged, as well as bedroom and living room. The size of each room can be maximize or minimizefollowing reqirement. If our land space possible to make this small house bigger, we can still add family room. If we think fireplace mantel is not needed, we can eliminate this appliance. There are still many small house models we can explore from this floor plan.

Small House Pictures

After we getfloor plan that fit with our need, now it’s time for exploring interesting design for this house. On the second picture we can see small modern home design with loft. This exterior can adapted with our house if we like modern style. Or look at the third picture, it’s classic style. We can also adapt this style, if we don’t like modern style. Each of house architecture styles have different advantages and weakness.

Beautiful And Small House Models: Small House ModelsBeautiful And Small House Models: Small House PicturesBeautiful And Small House Models: Small House Designs

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