Build A House In A Day: Dream Come True

When people hear that a house can be built in a day, they will think that it sounds like joke. Usually to build a house will need several months from design until finishing building. But now, this assumption may be wrong. Some people on Japan can build a building in just one day. They use wall framing technology. Use this technique can cut a lot of time. Build a house in a day now is not dream. It’s revolutionary on home building. If on ready made house, we buy plan, then we build this house on normal time. Here is the real ready made house. We don’t only buy plan, but we buy its house in ready made form.

Build A House In A Day

Now some companies offer prefab house in many various design, style and size. Here all of house components are produced by factory. Then all of these components are assembled on site location. Prefab house can be found from prefab mini house until standard house. Build a house in a day is fit for modern people who don’t wait too long to see their house is finished built. Many years ago, we never imagine that a house can be built on a day. Now, dream come true. Modern era offer a lot of easiness for us. Some building experts doubt with this building strength. It can be understood because this is instant house. But later, it must be research to make stronger instant house.

Build House Modular


Build a house in a day is started by preparing foundation. Then all of framing are installed, complete with floor, wall and roof. It’s need machine to build this house, such as to lift roof on its place. By this technology, depended on how big and how difficult a house must be build, we can imagine that a site location is cleaned in the morning. Here is only empty land. Then on the next morning, we will see a new house on this location. And this house is ready to be placed. Just like plug and play. Now this technology for building a house or little building. But who ever know that someday it can be used for building big building.

Build House Construction

Actually this technology is continuation from prefab house product before, but now is develop in bigger and more complicated form. Prefab house is development from prefab mini house product. Later, prefab house business will be more great with new design, style and variation. Not only that, most of house elements, such as kitchen, bathroom and bedroom can be bought on prefab form too. It means total house product. Later, build a house is such as buy something on supermarket. Just choose, pay and use.

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Build A House In A Day: Dream Come True: Build A House In A DayBuild A House In A Day: Dream Come True: Build House ConstructionBuild A House In A Day: Dream Come True: Build House Modular

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