Build Your Own House And Save Money

Design and build your own house is the right decision for saving money. There are also advantages from building this house. If we have no experience to do it, we can buy a book houses to build yourself on the book store. There are many books with similar concept there. We can break down first every steps on building house process. Design process can be made easier by using home design software, such as HomeStyler or FloorPlanner. Before doing this first task, we must measure accurately then land dimension where this house will be built. Especially HomeStyler, this software has built in features to decorate our room interior with some brands product from popular company. It will be useful tool. Besides layout or floor plan design, we must also design front side, back side, left side and right side.

House To Build Yourself

After finishing design floor plan and all home side pictures, then calculate all of budget to realize this plan. Including here, we will calculate and determine how many materials and materials type we will use. We will also need some handyman, carpenter and other persons to help realizing this plan. These all items must be calculated accurately. Then we must make building progress checklist, to control this home building progress, to make sure that everything run well following first plan. Every week, we must evaluate this home building progress. This controlling is important task from houses to build yourself. Without this, this process will spend more time and it means spend more budget than first plan.

Build It Yourself Homes

Step first for building a house is started from making a foundation for this house. Usually foundation is made by digging ground and then foundation is made from mixture of stone, cement, sand, iron and water. This iron existing is very important to make this house has strong construction later.  After this foundation is done, then build all of columns and sloofs for this house. Actually, column is similar with sloof. These terms for distinguishing between them. Column in vertical position and sloof in horizontal position. Ever column and sloof consist iron structure inside to make stronger this house construction. Houses to build yourself must pay attention on this important part. It will be the main construction.

Steel Framed Houses

The next step is building wall by brick. To paste each brick, we need cement, sand and water. These bricks are arrange from bottom until top. Before installing brick, don’t forget to install door and window frame. Later, after these brick arrangement are strong, these door and window can be install. This task is continued until roof. After this step, frame for roof and ceiling is worked. Roof tale can be installed after roof frame is done. The next task is floor. After all of wall surface are coated with cement, sand and water mixture and then be painted, and all of windows and doors are installed, ceramic tile can be installed. Last, sanitation and electrical task will complete this house building.

If we have no experience to design and build a house and we are not sure how to do it, we can hire a house building consultant for assisting us. Or we can pay them to design and make detail plan and then we can do it our self. It will make easier all tasks.

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