Building Healthy Small House Ideas

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Now people tend to realize the advantage of living in harmony with nature. They try to reduce the existing of modern products inside house. Harmony with nature make us healthier and less stress. As we know, all of stress we feel are not all comes from our mind and our problems, but it can also caused by electromagnetic field pollution. It’s pollution type on this modern era. Living in harmony with nature try to eliminite this unhealthy environment.  Here we feel more fresh and stronger. So, now people like to build a house in fresh environment, such as on rustic regionor suburb region. Small house in healthy environment are good for returning condition from tired. Here some  photos of small houses that will inspire us.

Photos Of Small Houses

First picture show small house on forest. This house is built with wood. It’s match with environment around it. This house architecture is simple. On this roof is installed several clear glasses. It’s good to make this house brighter by sun light. This glass can also be medium to enjoy outdoor view. Wherever we see, we will only trees surounding this place.  Other photos of small houses can be looked on second picture. This is modern small house with rectangle shape and big glasses on the wall as modern house architecture characteristic. This house is built on desert region with some cactus in front of this house. This environment remind us about southwestern region.

Photos Of Small Homes

What of interesting from this house is  power with solar system equipment. This equipment has solar cell for storing sun energy and then this equipment change it become electric. This house is beautiful and less consume energy. The existing of big glasses can be focusing point here. In this desert region, a house with architecture design such as this house is very attractive. It’s contrast with environment around it. These glasses create open space inside this house. It make this house become loose. From inside house, looking at outdoor sight is interesting experience. These photos of small houses can inspire us to build a house with the same concept if we want.

Small Houses In India

The last picture show small house from wood. This house has similar environment with the first picture. This house design adapt rustic house style. It’s perfect match with this region.  Compared with house on first picture, this house has exterior tidier with some trees as garden decorations. This house also have more fresh environment than second picture.

Building Healthy Small House Ideas: Photos Of Small HousesBuilding Healthy Small House Ideas: Photos Of Small HomesBuilding Healthy Small House Ideas: Small Houses In India

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