Building In 89 Square Foot House

We can build tiny house with dimension 89 square foot house. It’s very small. From this dimension, we can design one room, one bathroom, one kitchen and one bedroom. These rooms must be arranged in concise way. We can give an example tiny house with dimension 89 square foot. Portable house with Epu type from Jay Shafer has 89 square foot size. It’s small but bigger than XS-House type. XS-House has dimension 65 square foot and Epu 89 square foot. There’s difference size until 24 square foot. Floor plan for XS-House and Epu is similar. Epu has length 15 foot and width 8 foot. It has dry weight 4700 lbs. It’s heavier 700 lbs than XS-House. Similar with XS-House, bedroom on Epu is placed on second floor. It’s unique sleeping near roof.

89 Square Foot House

If we buy only plan, its price $ 495. Then we can build this tiny house with budget $ 19,950. It’s less than half ready made price $ 45,997. It shows that build this 89 square foot house is cheaper than buy ready made. There are a lot of difference between these budget. Question here can this plan is realized with other house concept? As we know, this tiny house is portable house. A house with ability to be moved from one place into another place. It’s also temporary house. It’s only for one person. It can not be placed by a family. Is it possible to build a permanent house based on this Epu plan? Let’s know.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Epu has very simple floor plan such as XS-House. On first floor there are one great room, one bathroom and one kitchen. And on second floor there’s one bedroom. Even though there are several rooms such as on conventional room, but it’s arranged in concise way because of limited space. Space for bedroom is very limited. Even though we can place bed with queen size, but it doesn’t mean this place is loose. This bedroom is under roof. We can reach this ceiling by our hand. Actually build permanent house based on this Epu floor plan is easy. It will spend less budget. And this house will have simple construction. But the size of 89 square foot house is not possible to build permanent foundation. It’s too small. Besides that, we must modify this house height to give more space for bedroom.

89 Square Feet House

Conclusion, building permanent house in 89 square foot house is impossible. On conventional house this space is only for one room, not for overall house. If we will develop a house in this size, only temporary house such as portable house possible to be realized. Epu type is the best example. If we don’t like Epu style, there’s still other alternatives to build a house on this size, such as building tiny trailer. It also has very small size. Here we can get funny and unique design ideas.

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Building In 89 Square Foot House: 89 Square Foot HouseBuilding In 89 Square Foot House: Tumbleweed Tiny House CompanyBuilding In 89 Square Foot House: 89 Square Feet House

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