Cute And Small House Plans

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If for some reasons, we can only build small house, it doesn’t matter. Several reasons why people build small house, such as they are little family or less budget for building bigger house. But, whatever the reasons, small house can also be comfortable house as long as we know what to do to develop cute small house plans. We must pay attention on interior, exterior and garden. Including interior is house floor plan. There will not be comfortable house without good floor plan. Exterior and garden are also important. Beautiful exterior and garden can create positive impression for all of family members. It can increase comfort feeling.

Cute Small House Plans

First factor of cute small house plans is floor plan. This house floor plan must be designed in well arrangement. Less number rooms but in tidy and the right size. Size of room will determine later whether this room will be comfortable or not. Very small size room make us feel stifled. On this small area, we don’t create so many rooms, it can make the size of each rooms become less. Usually a small house consist one living room, two bedroom, one kitchen and one bathroom. If possible, living room is divided into two rooms, one for living room and one for family room. Between these rooms can be separated with a partition. We can buy partition on the store. There are many various design and style there. Just choose which fit with our living room.

Cute Floor Plans

Two bedrooms are consist one master bedroom for parent and one bedroom for one or two kids. If we build one bathroom, it can be placed outside bedroom. This bathroom is used together. But, if possible, we can build two bathroom. One bathroom inside master bedroom and another bathroom outside kids bedroom. All of family members can use this outside bathroom. Room interior is the next factor on these cute small house plans. Smart room interior style can increase comfort feeling for all family members. Starting from the wall. Because this size is small, just use bright color paint for all of wall, including door and window as well as on ceramic floor tile choosing.

Cute Small Houses

When arrange all of furniture and appliance, we must able to avoid from crowded appearance. Here is the way, arrange furniture, such as table and chair in living room in cluster position. Give free space around this furniture. Prepare some cabinets for storing stuffs here. Other house furniture is arranged in concise way. When decorating kitchen, if possible create kitchen island style with free space around center position. This free space is for moving around when cooking on the kitchen.

For exterior, simple house design with less ornaments are better for small house. Classic design style is looked fit for this small house. This style can withstand for long times. Don’t forget to avoid the existing of window. It’s very important. Several windows around this house can be channel for air and light come to house. Good garden decoration will complete this beauty. If possible, decorate garden in simple way. Plant short and tidy green grass on majority area and flower on several point. To many trees will make this garden become crowded. The existing of this grass make this garden is looked loose.

Cute And Small House Plans: Cute Small House PlansCute And Small House Plans: Cute Small HousesCute And Small House Plans: Cute Floor Plans

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