Design And Build Mini House

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If we like mini house for some reasons, we can design and build it by our self. It’s easier than design and build house for our family. A mini house is designed for one person or more depended on how large this mini house, but it’s not designed for family. Living in mini house with all of family members will make us feel stuffy. Besides that this mini house is usually is not designed for permanent house. It’s temporary house. It’s used on certain time, such as when people want to feel relax alone without other people. Design this mini house is the same with other home. Because this shape is simple, we can design floor plan and this house shape together. Good mini house plan must able create comfortable atmosphere for person who lives here.

Mini House Plan

Bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are critical factors when we design mini house plan . On this mini house, we don’t need living room. If necessary, living room can be incorporated with bedroom, such as on traditional Japanese room. It’s for space efficiency. We can put rolling bed here. We open when we will sleep, and then we can roll again when we wake up. If we meet difficulty to put table and chair, we can replace with rug or carpet. Kitchen, even in small size is important. If we are in this mini house for several days, we will feel necessary to cook on this kitchen. Likewise with bathroom. Bathroom with small shower and toilet is enough for this mini house.

Mini House Plans Architecture

After all of design is ready, we can then realize to build this mini house plan become the real mini house. Such as tiny house, we can start building mini house frame. It’s such as structure on conventional house. This structure will determine strength level of this mini house, so we must pay attention on this task process. High quality wood is good for building this frame. Assembly them in right shape. Use nail and screw for incorporating all of wood. After this framing task, then we can continue with mini house sheathing. Here we use wood sheet for covering frame. We can also use log for this purpose.

Design Mini Home

This mini house must have window with adequate size. It’s for air circulation. Without this window, this mini house can be felt stuffy. For kitchen, we can install stove with gas and little kitchen zinc. On bathroom, only shower and toilet that we can install. We can not put bath tub here. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s not permanent house. For electrical supply, this mini house can be completed with solar system equipment. This equipment consist solar cell for storing sun light and then be changed become electric. It’s enough for this mini house. If we plan this mini house for movable house, we can complete this mini house with wheel.  To maintenance this mini house is easy. It can be cleaned with water, broom and mop.

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