Elegance And Modern Tiny House Ideas

Usually tiny house has design like tiny house from Jay Shafer company. This company produce tiny house in classic shape. Most of their products are designed in this way. It’s good, but if we want to look for something new, we can explore other ideas. Tiny house actually is a house, but in very small size. Tiny means very small. But, however it keeps a house. As other common house, we can find there are many house architecture style, such as classic, modern, Mediterranean, Victorian, tropical and so on. All of these styles are looked good. But, can a tiny house adapt this architecture style? The answer is Yes. Nowadays, we can see there are a lot of unique and creative tiny house. It’s not only from wood, but it can be built from polycarbonate. A modern tiny house is designed by adapting modern home architecture style.

Modern Tiny House

As s common modern home style, modern tiny house take rectangle shape. If on Jay Shafer’s tiny house, roof is on triangular shape, in this modern tiny house, roof is on flat shape. It’s looked more concise than commonly tiny house. It will not for saying that modern tiny house is better than other tiny house style. Each of style has different advantages. A modern tiny house usually is completed with big glass on window or door. As we know, glass is important element on modern house architecture. The existing of this glass make this tiny house brighter by sun lighting. It can make this tiny house is felt loose. When day time, this door and window can be covered with curtain to reduce hot temperature.

Modern Tiny House Design

This modern tiny house is also completed with modern furniture. Simple furniture but in modern design is fit to be placed on this house. On the ceiling, it can be installed modern hanging lamp. Other lamp such as hockey puck light is good for this house. We can decorate this house such as decorate other conventional house. We can put rug or carpet here and then arrange table and chairs. If this room is not enough for chairs, we can only put table. A wooden coffee table can be multifunction furniture. It can be living room table, and it also become coffee table when we invite guest drinking coffee here.

Modern Small Home

A modern tiny house can also become portable house. It can be attracted by car, pick up or truck if this tiny house is completed with wheel. If not, we can use flatbed trailer car for bringing this tiny house. Place this house on open air area, such as on  pasture, under the hill, rustic region or near forest are attractive idea. This house electrical system can be supplied by solar system equipment. This equipment can also be brought wherever we go. It comes on less size. This modern tiny house is also perfect if we put on backyard. It can be sanctuary place for our children when they are playing.

Elegance And Modern Tiny House Ideas: Modern Tiny HouseElegance And Modern Tiny House Ideas: Modern Tiny House DesignElegance And Modern Tiny House Ideas: Modern Small Home

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