Famous Modern Architects in Post-Modern Era

Famous modern architects are the people behind subtle and revolutionary way of living. Each of the architect really evolve the meaning of modern living. As the time goes by, famous modern architects define themselves in individual, unique, functional and novel structures, yet evolving the classical style of the Victorian and Edwardians style. Modern architecture approaches to the exciting new directions as you can mention it, post-modern, minimalism, deconstruction, etc. You can mention some of revolutionary starchitects such as Antoni Gaudi, Zaha Hadid and Rem Koolhaas. but in other countries, there are many hidden potential that are out from the world’s view.The major architectural style of the twentieth century was Modernism, as many people applied this style towards their home. Its goal was to enhance and free the human spirit in collaboration with technology to emphasize on utilitarian approach as well as the beauty and aesthetic itself.

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The basic shapes of the modernism approach were geometric, rigid, and abstract. The floor plans usually up for multipurpose use. The modernism rejected some classical or baroque ornamentation and decoration, as they were regarded as old-fashion. It emphasize first on the individual who wants to build a life-shelter. Since 1980, the famous modern architects evolved from rectilinear structure forms to eclectic styles that combine individual taste with the utilitarian epoch. Today’s famous architects explore the uniqueness of materials, ideas, and free-form-computer design floor plans. This techniques are required as they want to break from tradition. The manifesto can be summarize like this: to create and original art.

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Famous modern architects know that architecture is the most complicated art form. It requires many things. Architecture does not mean only to build a home, or buildings, or shelters, but it creates space to being. Creativity and design skills and planning are important, but the most important thing is the concern on seeing a space for a human to live their life. When the green lifestyle brought up to surface, the architects have to give their effort since they have to care about the planet, by creating and building the most environmental-friendly structures.

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