Four Methods To Build A House

There are four methods to build a house. All of methods have advantages and weakness. It can be our considerations when we will build a house. First, we design and build by our self. Second, buy ready made house and then build by our self. Third, buy prefab house. Fourth, hire architect office and contractor to design and build house. First method is most difficulty way and last method is most expensive way. Which is better between these options are depended on our considerations to pay attention on what factor when we will build a house.

Ready Made House

First method, we design and build house by our self. It can be attractive task and challenge for us if we know what to do. But it’s also a nightmare if we don’t know what to do. It’s more difficult than buy ready made house. Here we design from start all of house planning. To do this, we can use offline and online tool. Home design software such as SmartDraw or FloorPlanner can eb useful tool to design house floor plan. After design ready, we calculate all of budget needed. All of items must be calculated. To make sure this house will be finished on time, it’s better we make weekly house building progress. It’s for controlling anything when this house building is in process.

Ready Built Homes

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Second method, buy ready made house. There are many companies which offer ready made house plan. They have hundreds plans on their database. If we are interested, we can buy one. Select which one that fit with our need. We can then ask them to modify if necessary. Buy ready made house is good way, if we don’t know much about house design and operate how to use hoe design software It’s good for people with builder experience. To save money, then build this house by our self. If we don’t have builder experience at all, we can hire contractor.

Ready Made Homes

Third method, buy prefab house. Prefab house is new product in house building business. It’s new revolutionary system. Here we can build a house in a day. But some building experts doubt this house strength for long times using. So, if we feel doubt, don’t buy prefab house for main house. Just buy for temporary house or second house. Buy prefab house is smart way to cut a lot of time to build a house. This is the fastest way than other methods.

Fourth method, hire architect office and contractor. This is the most expensive method, but this method will give the best result and satisfaction more than other types, as long as we can choose the right architect office and contractor, because not all of architect office and contractor have god reputation and ability. Her we can sure, that our house later will be unique and has strong construction. All of designed is started from zero, so this house design is really custom design only for us.

Four Methods To Build A House: Ready Made HouseFour Methods To Build A House: Ready Built HomesFour Methods To Build A House: Ready Made Homes

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