Funny And Unique Tiny House Ideas

After Jay Shafer from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company found tiny house concept, nowadays tiny house experience fast development. Looking for tiny house ideas now are not difficult. We can meet tiny house in many various design, style and material to build it. At the past time, usually tiny house is made from wood as dominating material, but now we can find tiny house from fiberglass. Each of these tiny houses have different advantages and weakness. If we like classic style and back to nature concept, tiny house from Jay Shafer and Dan Louche can be considered. They build tiny house with beautiful design. It’s such as conventional house but in very small size. It likes mini version of a house. We can do the same activity such as on main house, but in simpler way.

Tiny House Ideas

First tiny house ideas we can find on Jay Shafer company. Here, his tiny house remind us grand ma house. It comes in old style house. Old style but beautiful. This house is designed and built with accurate calculation. This house is looked tidy. It’s looked that this house is made by experience people. Most of tiny house here come with similar shape. Such as on portable house from Jay Shafer company, most of them have similar design, except Popomo and Vardo type. Other type has classic style with triangular roof shape. Space under this triangular roof is used for bedroom. It’s less stuffy, but it’s still comfortable and unique.

Modern Tiny House

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Second tiny house ideas we can find from tiny trailer. This is another tiny house. It can be called as tiny house, because tiny trailer comes with very small size. The advantage of tiny trailer than tiny house from Jay Shafer company or Dan Louche company is this tiny trailer has unique design and shape. Sometime, several of them is looked like kid toys. Other advantage from tiny trailer, this house has room interior simpler than common tiny house. Tiny trailer is more mobile than other tiny house. It’s easier to be attracted by car, truck or pick up. It’s more movable. Some of them are designed with rain water proof concept. Usually this type has roof with curvature shape.

Decorating Tiny House

Which is better between these concept is depended on our considerations. If we look for tiny house with more movable ability and unique appearance, tiny trailer is good choice. But if we think that comfort is the most importance factor, commonly tiny house from Jay Shafer and Dan Louche are better choice. If we like traveling on the city, tiny trailer with modern and futurist shape are good choice. But if we like stay on fresh and open air region, classic style tiny house is the right choice. So, which is better between these tiny houses are depended on what factor we think important.

Funny And Unique Tiny House Ideas: Tiny House IdeasFunny And Unique Tiny House Ideas: Modern Tiny HouseFunny And Unique Tiny House Ideas: Decorating Tiny House

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