Get New Atmosphere From Tumbleweed Houses Video

On tumbleweed houses video we can get many useful and attractive information. This video show Jay Shafer tiny house tour to show tiny house lifestyle. Living in tiny house is unique. Far from modern lifestyle and city busy. Here we can more relax. There are no job or task with limited deadline. We will not feel in hurry every day when we stay on this tiny house. Living here is perfect way for relaxing from boring modern lifestyle. Living here is more simple and natural. Every task we do it by our self. If we want to eat, there’s small kitchen here, complete with stove. It’s enough for cooking. Don’t imagine modern kitchen or kitchen island here. Every house appliances here are simple.

Tumbleweed Houses Video

If we want to take a bath, here there’s small bathroom. Only shower and toilet here. Don’t imagine we will get modern bathroom with wonderful theme, modern hot tubs and oversized shower curtain as decorating. All of these things will not be found here. This bathroom is small and simple. We can see it on tumbleweed houses video. If we want to read a box or magazine, we can do it on living room. Here we can read on the chair or rug. But reading on the chair while enjoy outdoor view seem more pleasant. Book and magazine can be organized on bookshelves. This bookshelves is placed on the wall in front of kitchen. It’s one of interesting part of this tiny house.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Video

On this tumbleweed houses video is also showed where we must sleep. Bedroom is located on loft. This loft has triangular shape. To reach this loft, we must use stair. This stair is made from wood. On the night come or cold season, if we want to warm us, this tiny house is completed with stainless steel fireplace mantel. Living here is such as on conventional house but in minimize version. It’s also there are not a lot of neighbors if we place this tiny house on pasture, under the hill and near forest. If we want to make relationship with other people, rustic region is good place for this tiny house.

Tumbleweed Tiny House

Conclusion that we can get after watching this tumbleweed houses video is that we can live in natural way if we want. Living here is more simple. It also make us close to nature. As we know this tiny house reduce using of modern appliances. Wood is dominating material here. Wood with its natural pattern make us feel such as on the forest. Bring us back to nature. When place this tiny house in fresh environment, it can make more healthy. It also less stress and more happiness. So, who will try?

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Get New Atmosphere From Tumbleweed Houses Video: Tumbleweed Houses VideoGet New Atmosphere From Tumbleweed Houses Video: Tumbleweed Tiny House VideoGet New Atmosphere From Tumbleweed Houses Video: Tumbleweed Tiny House

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