Going Summer Trips With Tumbleweed Tiny House

Tumbleweed tiny house is such as tiny house type. This tiny house is completed with wheel. This is portable and movable house in the exact meaning. We can use car or truck to move this tiny house from one place into another place. If we want to fulfill our summer trips, this tumbleweed tiny house is incredible idea. Just imagine, riding a car in a street with a house behind us. It’s strange sight but wonderful sensation. We can get this tumbleweed tiny house by only buy plan and then we  do it our self or we can buy a ready made this tiny house from tumbleweed tiny house company.  Before buying tumbleweed tiny house plan or ready made version, it’s better if we first look at tumbleweed tiny house company video for consideration.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Video

On this tumbleweed tiny house company video, we can get some useful information about this tumbleweed tiny house, including this tiny house interior. We will feel surprised when looking inside this tiny house. It seems like complete small house.  There are living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. This tiny house is also completed with stainless steel fireplace mantel her for warming room when night or cold season. As we know, most tiny house are made from wood and wood can not withstand with temperature changing, especially rain and humid factor. The existing of this stainless steel fireplace mantel is very useful. It’s amazing appliance on this tiny space.

Tumbleweed Tiny Home

When we look at its kitchen, here there are kitchen zinc for cleaning dirt dishes, spoon, fork and so on. Under this kitchen zinc, there are some cabinets. We can store anything here. Because this tiny house is made from wood, so we must be careful when cooking in this kitchen. Be careful with fire. Living room and bedroom  are incorporated here because of restricting space. Small bed is placed under window. Stand alone sofa is placed on the living room corner. We can decorate this living room with rugs or carpet. This living room is felt comfortable and loose because there are many windows around this tiny house.  The existing of these windows make this tiny house become fresh. We can get fresh air and feel wind blows when we bring this tiny house into open air area. There are still many information we can get from tumbleweed tiny house company video.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Tour

Don’t be surprised if we find bookshelves on this living room. Position of this bookshelves are placed on the wall between living room and kitchen. There are some open racks here. We can put our book collections and other stuffs here. If we like reading book, when we are traveling, this rack existing is very useful. If we want, we can put coffee table on this living room. Simple wooden coffee table is enough for this tiny house. When night or cold weather come, drinking coffee on open air area in this tiny house will be unforgettable thing.

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Going Summer Trips With Tumbleweed Tiny House: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company VideoGoing Summer Trips With Tumbleweed Tiny House: Tumbleweed Tiny HomeGoing Summer Trips With Tumbleweed Tiny House: Tumbleweed Tiny House Tour

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