How To Build A Mini House In Your Yard

If we have wide yard surrounding our home, we can use it to create some interesting task, such as create garden, koi fish ponds, garden waterfalls, fruit arbor, swing sets for kids, gazebo and other attractive ideas. Especially is we have enough space in our back yard, this place is good for building a mini house. It can be such as cottage or home alternative when we will stay here. This will not needed  wide area for this mini house. It’s for about 250 up to 350 square feet is enough. We can find ideas for building this mini house from everywhere, such as tiny house or little house trailer. These two houses types are good to be considered.  Usually these two houses come in simple design without complicated shape. Wood is favorite material for building these houses. Before starting building this mini house, we must first learn how to build a mini house.

How To Build A Mini House

There are several simple steps on how to build a mini house principles, we must follow. First step, we must survey and select, where exact location of this mini house will be built. Consider ground condition and environment around it. Ground with wet or humid condition are not good. Choose location on dry place. If we want our mini house is felt more fresh, location with so many trees around it is very good. It will be such as tree house. After we get the right location, now we measure the exact length and width. Note in paper. Then we design this mini house floor plan. Because this dimension is small, it’s not needed complicated rooms arrangement.

How To Build A Small House

If we meet difficulty to realize how to build a mini house guidance, we can buy tiny house plan and then we can modify it if necessary. There’s tumbleweed tiny house company that sell this tiny house plan. Following this instruction will make easier us when developing mini house. Detail instruction, including all of needed materials and tools are useful help for us. We can buy this tiny house plan in affordable price. If we have extra money, we can buy ready made tiny house or order little house trailer. Tiny house is smaller than little house trailer, but it’s more portability than little house trailer. If we like traveling, tiny house is good choice.

Build A Tiny House

Home software design, such as HomeStyler can be useful tool to design this mini house floor plan. Usually this mini house has one living room, one bedroom, one bathroom and one kitchen. We must organized these rooms and all of room furniture and appliances in tidy and concise way later. Prepare some cabinets will be very useful. It’s for storing all of stuffs to keep away this mini house from crowded atmosphere. After finishing design mini house floor plan, then we realize it. We can do our self or pay people for helping us.

How To Build A Mini House In Your Yard: How To Build A Mini HouseHow To Build A Mini House In Your Yard: How To Build A Small HouseHow To Build A Mini House In Your Yard: Build A Tiny House

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