How To Build Comfortable Trailer Home

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Different with tiny house, trailer home has size bigger. Some people think that trailer home is the same with tiny house. Yes, both of them are portable version of small home. But, as Stephen Marshall said, he is the owner of little house trailer company, he said that little house trailer or trailer home is different with tiny house. Little house trailer is simply small home. Living in trailer home is more comfortable. It’s such as normal home. It has living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and veranda room. Even on bigger trailer home, it has two bedroom. It can be used for small family. Actually trailer home plans is similar with normally home plans, but it lengthwise shape. It can be understood, because trailer home is portable home. It must come on simple shape for making easier when it will be brought to another place.

Trailer Home Plans

Most of trailer home are made from wood as dominating materials. Steps to build this trailer home is similar with tiny house. When we buy tiny house plan, we can follow all of instruction there for building this tiny house. First step is building wall framing and the continued with wall sheathing. The same process with trailer home. But before building this trailer home, make sure we have good trailer home plans first. It will be used as guidance later. Design trailer home plans are not difficult. It’s such as design for small home, even it’s more simple. But, because this home is made from wood, we must have carpenter skill or pay other persons to do it.

Trailer Home Designs

The most critical factors for this trailer home plans are construction, security and comfort of room interior. How we build wood trailer home in strong construction is very important. As we know home construction from wood will never have strength like home construction from cement, stone, brick and iron. We can increase this construction by selecting high quality wood for building this trailer home. Make  sure all of parts are connected and nailed in strong way. Shake when this trailer home is brought to another place can cause these parts will be detached.

Mobile Home Plans

Because of this trailer home is made from wood, so be careful with fire. Give adequate distance between fireplace mantel with wall or wood floor. Installing stainless steel fireplace mantel on this trailer home is good idea. Most of tiny house use this stainless steel fireplace mantel. If it works on tiny house, it will also work on trailer home. If we decorate this living room with antique hanging lamp, it’s better if we choose antique hanging lamp without kerosene. Electric lamp can be installed on this lamp.

And to make this trailer home become comfortable home, try to give free space around all of furniture inside. Build some window around this trailer home with clear glass here. It can pass sun light and make this room interior brighter. The existing of some cabinets are important. It will be used for storing some stuffs there. Keep this rooms in tidy condition and arrange all of furniture and appliances in concise way.

How To Build Comfortable Trailer Home: Trailer Home PlansHow To Build Comfortable Trailer Home: Trailer Home DesignsHow To Build Comfortable Trailer Home: Mobile Home Plans

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