How To Decorate Little House On Trailer

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Little house on a trailer is one of the best affordable price house. This is simply small house. It’s less budget than other small house. But we must distinguish between little house trailer and tiny house. Stephen Marshall, owner of little house trailer company said that little house trailer is bigger than tiny house and it’s different. It’s more fit to be called as simply small house. If we want to have a little house trailer, we can order into Stephen Marshall company. They will survey our land where this house will be placed. After this company agree this location, we must sign the contract, then we must wait 1 – 3 months to receive our order. This house is comfortable. It has more space than tiny house. We are more flexible to decorate this house.

Little House On A Trailer

Usually this little house on a trailer has simple floor plan. This floor plan come in rectangle shape and then divided into some areas for different rooms, such as living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Wood is dominating material for building this house. Wall and floor are made from wood. It has advantages and weakness. The advantages are it’s more eco friendly. It creates green environment. The weakness of this house, it has less construction strength than other small house. It can be understood, because it’s fabricated product. Procedure for building this house is different with other house. This house prioritize on practicality and simplicity.

Small Home Trailers

To decorate this little house on a trailer, we can choose nature theme as the main idea. This house make us close to nature, so everything about nature is fit for decorating this house. For example, we can install window curtain in nature theme. Window curtain with pattern or picture leaf, bamboo, fruit or animal is good choice. To improve freshness atmosphere, this nature theme can be chosen in light yellow, beige or light brown. Simple furniture with natural wood texture is great idea. This furniture choice can be harmonized with this house. We can decorate this wall by installing painting or picture with simple wood frame.

Tiny House Trailer

Antique hanging lamp can added for living room interior element. Antique hanging lamp has two types. First type comes with kerosene and second type without kerosene. For security consideration, it’s better if we choose antique hanging lamp without kerosene. Inside this lamp, we can install electric lamp. To decorate wood floor, we can install soft rugs or carpet. This wood floor must be kept from dirt, dust, residual food, and so on. Regularly, this wood floor must be cleaned with broom, mop and water.

On the corner living room, we can add studio day sofa. Near this studio day sofa, we can place bookshelves. It will be comfortable place for reading book. Near window, we can put table box and then put soft mattress on top side. It will be attractive window seat cushion this house.

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