How To Design The Right Tiny Solar House Plan

The main problem to plan and decorate a tiny solar house is similar with small house and trailer home. Here we must able maximize function of space. All of space must be used in effective way. This is attractive challenging for planning this tiny solar house. From its name, this house use solar system as power source. This solar system can produce and save electric power. This electric power can be used for turning on lamp, heating room, and so on. This solar system appliance can be placed on the roof or beside house on the ground. Wherever its solar system appliance is placed, it must be face sun light. Because this tiny solar house is usually come in small size, so we have no flexibility to design its house plan.

Tiny Solar House

This tiny solar house can be built with single floor tier or two floor tier. Tiny house with two floor tier is more flexible than single floor tier. On Two floor tier, this tiny solar house has space more than one floor area. We can divide these two floors for several functions, for example first floor for living room, kitchen and bathroom. Second floor is for bedroom. For saving space, kitchen and breakfast or dinner room can be incorporated. Bathroom is placed on left side, kitchen in the center side and living room on the right side. There’s stair for going to second floor.

Tiny Solar House Plans

Different situation with tiny solar house in single floor tier. Here we can not create several room easily. Limited space will restrict our creativity. Multifunction furniture is the answer for this single floor tier tiny solar house. Living room and bedroom can be incorporated. When day come, this bed is rolled and it’s opened when night come.  It remind us with Japanese room that a room is multifunction room. We can find several models for this multifunction furniture. Choose the right size and model that fit with this tiny solar house

Tiny Solar House Power

Avoid this tiny solar house from crowded situation is the key factor for decorating this tiny solar house. All of furniture and appliance must be arranged in tidy way. All of stuffs can be concise by storing it into cabinet or storage bin. For preventing from stuffy condition, we must build window with adequate size. More than one window is better. Let fresh air and wind blow make fresh this room.

How To Design The Right Tiny Solar House Plan: Tiny Solar HouseHow To Design The Right Tiny Solar House Plan: Tiny Solar House PlansHow To Design The Right Tiny Solar House Plan: Tiny Solar House Power

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