Jay Shafer: Tiny House Guru

There are many places to get a dream tiny house for us, one of the best place is on Jay Shafer Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. He is called as tiny house guru because of his experience in tiny house building. He has ever gotten award for his works to produce high quality tiny house. His business has positive growth from time to time. His company must be considered when we will buy tiny house. On his company, we can buy tiny house plan, buy kit or buy ready made. The cheapest is if we buy tiny plan and then we build by our self. But, it also will not easy task, especially for common people without experience as a carpenter. But, it doesn’t matter if we will try to build by our self. It can give worth experience.

Jay Shafer Tumbleweed

On Jay Shafer tumbleweed tiny house company, Jay Shafer sell two interesting book, Small House Book and  Tumbleweed DIY Book Of Backyard Shed & Tiny Houses. On first book, he explain how to build small house. This book has clear instruction. Perfect for people who want to try to build a small house. This book consist 210 pages full color. In this book we can find 23 samples of beautiful home designs with size 64 up to 840 square feet. In this book we will know how to build a portable house step by step, complete with all tools that we will need.

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Tumbleweed House Plans

On second book, Tumbleweed DIY Book Of Backyard Shed & Tiny Houses, this book consist 6 attractive box bungalow designs. This book has 144 page full color. The same with first book, we can also find clear instruction and complete tool step by step to do it. These books are useful guidance for whoever pay attention on how to build tiny house. Jay Shafer tumbleweed tiny house company commonly has three category products: Box Bungalows (Gifford, Reavan, Anderjack, Stamper, Weller ), House To Go (XS-House, Epu, Weebee, Lusby, Tarleton, Walden, Fenci, Popomo, Vardo ) and Cottage (Bodega, Loring, New Vesica, Harbinger, Whidbey, Enesti, Sebastarosa, B-53, Z-Glass )

Jay Shafer Tiny House

If we like travelling, House To Go type is the right choice. This type is completed with trailer. We can attrack this tiny house by car, pick up or truck. It’s portable house. Perfect house for traveling. Wherever we go we can bring it. Just choose a beautiful place, such as on pasture, rustic region, under the hill, near lake, near forest, and so on. Place this portable house there. It can be wonderful relaxing time. When night come we can warm us, by stainless steel fireplace mantel. This appliance is installed on this tiny house.

Jay Shafer: Tiny House Guru: Jay Shafer TumbleweedJay Shafer: Tiny House Guru: Tumbleweed House PlansJay Shafer: Tiny House Guru: Jay Shafer Tiny House

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