Learn How To Calculate Costs Of Houses

Sometime we want to know how to calculate cost for building a house when we look at beautiful house. Costs of houses mean all of budget that we need for building a house. Usually if we hire a contractor to build a house, they will determine cost per square feet building. Different house will be different on its cost. This cost is calculated from several factors. First factor is size of house. Bigger house means more expensive for total cost, even though maybe it has the same cost per square feet building. Second factor is style of house. House with simple or rectangle shape is cheaper than complicated shape. For example building Victorian house style is more expensive than simple style, because there are some decorations on several parts. It make times for building this house become longer.

Costs Of Houses

Third factor of costs of houses is specification and feature. As we know all of building materials have different grade. Each grade represent its quality. Higher grade is more expensive. So, building a house with higher grade materials is more expensive than house with lower grade material. Feature is also determine cost of house, for example if we want fireplace mantel on living room or we want high class bath tub, contractor will charge more for this request. Fourth factor is location. Difficulty level to build a house will also determine cost of house. For example, build a house in flat land is cheaper than build on difficult area, because it will influence on cost of construction.

Estimate Building Costs

Fifth factors of costs of houses is construction. Construction for house without loft is cheaper than house with loft, because house with loft need stronger construction. It means different specification material will be applied, such as iron rod choosing for structure. On the same specification and feature, cost per square feet building of small house can be higher than big house. For example building a house with fireplace mantel inside living room. For small house, cost per square feet become higher because cost of fireplace is added into total cost and then divided with this small size. On bigger house, this fireplace cost will be spread into wide area, so its cost per square feet can be lower. But cost per square feet lower doesn’t mean lower cost for total building, because it’s still multiplied with total building size.

Estimate The Materials

Now we have known principle to estimate cost of house based on several factors above. For example if there’s a house is sold $250,000. We know that this land cost is $50,000. So, this house cost is $200,000. If this house has dimension 2000 square feet, we can say that this house cost per square feet is $100.

Learn How To Calculate Costs Of Houses: Costs Of HousesLearn How To Calculate Costs Of Houses: Estimate Building CostsLearn How To Calculate Costs Of Houses: Estimate The Materials

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