Learn Principle To Build A Glass House

Sometime when we look at on some fabulous glass houses, we are interested to know how to build this glass house. What different between building a glass house and building other house type. Which is easier and which is cheaper. Actually, no matter whether these houses are built on modern, classic, Mediterranean, Victorian or other house architecture designs, the principles for building a house is the same. There’s certain sequence that we must do. Only home concept that it will make different later. For example, if we want to create living in green environment concept, tree house architecture is good choice. When we will develop antique and unique small house concept, we can build small house from reclaimed wood and so on.

Building A Glass House

There’s simple example here. When we will build a tiny home, we start from wall framing and then continued with wall sheathing. Then this tiny house is completed with other house elements. Frame here is similar with structure and sheathing is similar with wall. The same situation we can find when we will know build other home type. Building a glass house can be done with the same principles. Look at the second picture. This is simple glass house for storing some plants. As we know, there are some plants that it must be protected from wind and insect, but these plants must get enough sun light. A glass house is the answer for this requirement.

Build A Glass House

To build this simple glass house can be started from making foundation. Because this house is small and this house will not endure load weight, so this foundation is not necessary to be did deeply. For about 10” depth is enough. The next task after making foundation, we can start building house framing by arranging iron or steel construction in certain shape. After this frame is done, then we can install glass as house wall on this frame. It’s so simple and we can do it without spending a lot of time. Frame has function for holding glass and glass has function as well. The advantage of using this glass as wall, this house can get a lot of sun light every day, because glass has transparent characteristic for passing sun light. Wall from brick or wood are not fit for this house. This is very simple building a glass house example.

Glass House Plans

When contractor want to build a glass house, they use the same principles with this small house, but because their glass house in large size with several rooms and some glass houses are built with loft, so their glass house are more complicated with this simple glass house on garden. So, on practice, building a glass house will have different difficulty level depended on glass house design. Complicated glass house design will spend more budget and money for finishing it. On complicated glass house, construction are calculated accurately, different with simple glass house.

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Learn Principle To Build A Glass House: Building A Glass HouseLearn Principle To Build A Glass House: Build A Glass HouseLearn Principle To Build A Glass House: Glass House Plans

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