Learning By Doing To Build A House

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Learning by doing is effective way for understanding how a house is built from start until the end. From foundation until finishing. We can not understand how to build a house, if we only read a book or magazine about home architecture. We must do it by our self. This is the best way for learning to build a house. Do you tiny house? Tiny house is small house from wood. This is portable house, where this house can be attracted by car, because there are wheels on this house. Tiny house company sell tiny house plan, complete with detail instruction how to build this house. They also sell ready made tiny house. If we buy tiny house plan, but we never do it all of instruction inside this book, we will never know clearly how to build this house well. The same principles happen on the other houses.

Learning To Build A House

Don’t be afraid to try as long as we do the best practice. Follow instruction, understand first basic principle and take action. We can start from small house with small size and simple design. Later after we have experience how to build a house well, this small house can be wider and renovated with other interesting design. First step of learning to build a house is designing house floor plan. We can design manually or by using home design software. Some software such as Smart Draw or FloorPlanner are good to be used. If we look for software with built in feature furniture from some popular brand, HomeStyler can be considered.

Learn Design Houses

The next learning to build a house step is calculating all of budget needed. Here we must understand all of material needed for building a house, complete with new price today. We can look for this data on the material store. Without this data, we can not calculate budget needed. Because we are still in practice, it’s better is we try to restrict budget. Don’t use expensive material. Use standard material for building a house. Later after we have enough experience, we can develop new house with various shape and material.

Learn Home Design

Then, realizing all of this plan into reality is the most critical task. It’s better if we make weekly progress control. It can be used for controlling all of work progress. Every week, it need to be evaluated. We can make some corrections if there’s something wrong on field. The first task to be done is building foundation. Dig ground following house floor plan in adequate depth. And then use big stone or rock as foundation material. We can buy all of building material on the material store. On every point, we give column and above this foundation in horizontal position, we build sloof. Column and sloof are needed as building skeleton.

Then, install brick. Pasting with mixture of cement, sand and water. Don’t forget to install door and window frame together with this process. This task is continued until roof. Roof frame is built from wood. Then we can install roof tile after this task is done. Floor can be done together with this step. Floor surface is made flat with mixture of cement, sand and water. Later, we will install ceramic tile here. Sanitation and electrical system are the next task. Sanitation is task about water channel, including here kitchen, bathroom, toilet and so on.

Learning By Doing To Build A House: Learning To Build A HouseLearning By Doing To Build A House: Learn Design HousesLearning By Doing To Build A House: Learn Home Design

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