Living In Simplicity With Tiny House

For modern people, living in simplicity become balancer when they feel bored with their daily activity. Jay Shafer house give new experience to feel live in simplicity. Going to under the hill region by car and bring tiny house.There try to live in several days for relaxing. We will feel new atmosphere. In a short time we change our lifestyle. Leave all of business on the city. Here living is simpler and more fresh. Environment with a lot of trees surounding this place. A place with fresh air and water. When night come or cold season come, stainless steel fireplace mantel can warm us.

Jay Shafer House

Living in Jay Shafer house make us live in simplicity. This house is tiny (very small). We can not bring a lot of furniture or appliances here. Try to live here means try to leave daily modern lifestyle. Stay on this house make us close to nature. This house itself repressent natural atmosphere. This house body is made from wood. Natural wood pattern and texture are stiill looked. Natural color of wood is still kept. Here we can not live in complexity. With less appliances that we can bring make us only simple activities that we can do.

Jay Shafer Houses

Living in Jay Shafer house means more healthy and happiness. More healthy because usually when people want to relax with this tiny house, they look for place with natural environment. This place is less pollution than city. Everything here are still pure. It’s also more happiness, because there are not a lot of things must be done and thought. Here we will not meet some boring tasks, naughty child, bad neighbors and noisy street. We are free from these some uncomfortable atmosphere daily. Hre we will not read newspaper. It can free our mind from political news or other news that we don’t need.

Jay Shafer Tiny House

This house is also less consume energy. As we know there are not a lot of appliances here. We don’t a  lot of electric power here. If we look for entertainment, we can bring little TV. Put on the table. It’s enough. Less appliance means less pollution from electromagnetic field.It make us more healthy and fresh. On the city, electromagnetic pollution can cause headache and stress. Here for just a moment, we are free from this problem. To maintenance this house is easy. We just use water, cloth, broom and mop to clean this house. It doesn’t need special treatment. Just clean this house from dirt and dust.

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Living In Simplicity With Tiny House: Jay Shafer HouseLiving In Simplicity With Tiny House: Jay Shafer HousesLiving In Simplicity With Tiny House: Jay Shafer Tiny House

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