Living In Street With Small Mobile House

Small mobile house is unique and creative product. It’s born from car and house marriage. It incorporate transportation and living house functions. It’s fit for people who like traveling from one town to another town. On common mobile house such as tiny house, this house is only installed with wheel and we still need car or truck to attract it when we will bring it into another place. On more modern mobile house, this house is completed with car machine. This mobile house is not needed car anymore for attracting this house into another place. It’s perfect and real mobile house. Just drive this mobile house when we will traveling and stop then stay on certain place when we find beautiful place for living in temporary time.

Small Mobile House

On the first type, this small mobile house is called tiny house, this house has design and style is similar with common house. This house has wall, door, window, roof, floor, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, bookshelves, furniture and appliance. Living in this house make us feel in common house, but in portable version. This house has comfortable room interior. We can do house activities here. Even we can bring TV here. Usually this tiny house is constructed from wood. Wood is dominating material here. This wood is for tiny house framing and sheathing. All of tiny house parts use wood, except wheel and its skeleton. This house is pleasant for traveling. It has been completed with stainless steel fireplace mantel. Perfect when we are in cold season.

Small Mobile Homes

On the second type, this small mobile house is the real house in car. It incorporate car and house functions. Some of type is built from a car and then its interior is modified become a house. Other type, a portable house is modified by adding car machine. And last type, this house on the first time is designed for small house. And then they assembly all of components and elements to form mobile house.  This second type is more practice than the first type. We are not necessary attract anything. This house is inside car. We just drive this car and stop where we find pleasant place anywhere.

Tiny Mobile Homes

Both of this first and second type have different advantage and weakness. If we look for comfort, tiny house with wheel is better. It’s such as living in common house but in portable version. It has furniture and appliances such as our house. Besides that this tiny house has design and style similar with common house. Different with second type, Because this house and car machine is incorporate. Sometime, after driving for long time, this machine become hot. This hot temperature can cause uncomfortable atmosphere on this house. Besides that we will not feel such as on our house when living in this second type.

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Living In Street With Small Mobile House: Small Mobile HouseLiving In Street With Small Mobile House: Small Mobile HomesLiving In Street With Small Mobile House: Tiny Mobile Homes

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