Looking For Comfortable And Portable House

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If we visit Jay Shafer company, we can find three category products of tiny tumbleweed house, these are Box Bungalow, House To Go and Cottage. House To Go is portable house with trailer. House To Go has several type with different size and shape variations. XS-House is the smallest and Popomo is the biggest size. Not all of portable house there are sold in ready made version. Some of them are only sold in plan version. XS-House, Weebee, Epu, Lusby, Fencl, Tarleton and Popomo are ready to be sold. From these choices, we can see that Fencl and Popomo have bigger dimension than other portable house. Popomo is the biggest. Popomo has dimension 172 square feet and Fencl 130 square feet. Fencl is lighter than Popomo.

Tiny Tumbleweed House

Popomo has length 20 feet 3 inch and width 8 feet 6 inch, while Fencl has length 19 feet and width 8 feet. It looks that different between these two tiny tumbleweed house are little. Popomo has weight 7000 lbs and Fencl 5700 lbs. Popomo is heavier than Fencl. When we look at inside room, we will get different atmosphere. Fencl come in classic style, while Popomo in modern style. Living room and bedroom are decorated like modern home interior. Fencl is less simple. Fencl room interior comes in classic way. It’s morenatural than Popomo.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

The most significant difference between Fencl and Popomo is on bedroom. When we sleep on Popomo, we will feel such as on normal bedroom. This bedroom has rectangle shape. It’s like common bedroom  but in small version. This room interior such as conventional house, but in tiny tumbleweed house version. Different with Popomo, bedroom on Fencl is unique. This bedroom is located on the loft. To reach this bedroom, we must use stair from wood. This bedroom on the position between ceiling and roof. This triangular roof shape make this bedroom is looked unique and attractive. If we want to look for new sensation when sleeping, Fencl is good.

Build A Tiny House

From these comparison, we have known advantage and weakness between these two types. Fencl comes in classic style and Popomo in modern style. Fencl is looked more natural than Popomo, but Popomo is bigger and more loose than Fencl. Fencl with natural wood pattern make us close to nature when we stay here and Popomo make us feel such as on our conventional home. So, if we look for classic style and natural look, Fencl is good choice. But if we look for modern style, Popomo is more fit. Both of theme are comfortable. They are enough space to create comfort

Looking For Comfortable And Portable House: Tiny Tumbleweed HouseLooking For Comfortable And Portable House: Tumbleweed Tiny House CompanyLooking For Comfortable And Portable House: Build A Tiny House

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