Looking For Comfortable House Trailer Floor Plans

House trailer floor plans are actually similar with simply small house. Usually this house has floor plan in rectangle shape. On the first picture we can see good sample house trailer floor plan. This house is consist one master room, one bedroom, two bathroom, one kitchen and dining room, one living room and optional room. This optional room can be for laundry room. Interesting part of this floor plan is this kitchen is located near living room. If we invite our guests, it can impress them. This is unique position, because usually kitchen is not near living room. But this floor plan can be attractive idea. On this floor plan, one bathroom inside master bedroom and another bathroom outside bedroom.

House Trailer Floor Plans

Second picture is another house trailer floor plans, but in less size. If the first picture has dimension length 40 feet and width 20 feet, so on the second picture has dimension length 40 feet and width 15 feet 2 inch. Here we can find one bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen and one living room. Similar with first floor plan, here living room is located near kitchen, but here there’s divider for separating between living room and kitchen. This first and second floor plans have similar concept. It’s designed in simple style, but it has considered comfort consideration.

Mobile Home Floor Plans

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Both of these two house trailer floor plans can be adapt for building a tiny or small house. The first floor plan give more space. Here we can feel more comfortable and we have flexibility to decorate room interior more than the second floor plan. But the first floor plan will spend more money, because it needs more resource than the second type. On the second type we can save our money, because it needs less resource, but it means less comfort, especially is we will put many furniture and appliance there.

Mobile House Floor Plans

On the first floor plan, we can decorate flexibility. Actually we can buy house trailer with these floor plans. All package comes with furniture and appliances inside house. But, if we want give it with our own style, we can then redecorate this room. We add other furniture on living room. We can also add wood partition for separating between kitchen and living room on first picture. We can decorate our bedroom with interesting theme. For parent, master bedroom is good if it’s decorated with classic and simple theme. But for kids bedroom, there are so many interesting theme ideas, such as sport theme, speed boat theme, and so on. It can make this house trailer become  more special.

Looking For Comfortable House Trailer Floor Plans: House Trailer Floor PlansLooking For Comfortable House Trailer Floor Plans: Mobile Home Floor PlansLooking For Comfortable House Trailer Floor Plans: Mobile House Floor Plans

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