Modern And Amazing Tiny House Pictures

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If we feel bored with ordinary shape of tiny house, maybe these pictures can make us feel surprised. These tiny houses has revolutionary design. It’s very different with all of tiny house design from Jay Shafer. All of these tiny houses are designed in modern style. Second and third picture are beyond our imagination. Maybe several years ago, we never imagine there are tiny house in shape like this. Look at these tiny house pictures make us realize that tiny house has experience very fast development.  Tiny house is not again only as a very small house for people who don’t own house, but now it can become incredible tiny house architecture. These three tiny houses prove that.  Portable tiny house is not only used on land, but now we can find portable house on water.

Tiny House Pictures

On the first picture shows tiny house that adapt tree house architecture style and modern tiny house. This tiny house is designed in tube shape with glasses on several part. This tiny house is shored by pillars. To reach this tiny house, we must walk through stair. This stair is unique .It’s built on two tier arrangement. Actually this tiny house can be built on this tree. It can be incorporated with this stair. But by separating this tiny house with its stair, it make it more unique. Other amazing tiny house pictures can be seen on second picture. This is really creative tiny house. Maybe we never imagine there’s tiny house like this.

Tiny House Designs

This tiny house has unusual shape. It’s like kids toy from paper. This tiny house can be work office. There are table for placing computer. The last picture show tiny house with revolutionary design. Here there’s space for car. Roof above car can prevent this car for sun light. Maybe this tiny house can be future house. So, from all of tiny house pictures above we have seen several tiny houses with design is very different with first time tiny house arise. Tiny house from Jay Shafer now has experience design evolution.

Tiny House Design Ideas

But unfortunately all of these tiny houses are not portable house. We can not easily bring these tiny house anywhere, especially tiny house on third picture. There are advantages and weakness about these tiny houses. These tiny houses can be amazing alternative for ordinary tiny house. These tiny houses come with fresh concept. It’s fit with modern lifestyle. But the weakness, we can not travelling with this tiny house such as on tiny house with trailer. But, however these tiny houses designs are great.

Modern And Amazing Tiny House Pictures: Tiny House PicturesModern And Amazing Tiny House Pictures: Tiny House DesignsModern And Amazing Tiny House Pictures: Tiny House Design Ideas

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