Modular And Site Built Homes: Which Is Better?

Nowadays home building become big business. Not only architect office that take part on this business, but a lot of factory are also take part to produce material for building home. There three term important here: modular home, site built home and manufactured home. Modular home means that materials are built in section on factory, then these materials are delivered into site and then it’s used builders for building a home. Site built home is similar with conventional home. Here factory produce material and then it’s used for building  a home. Manufactured home means that everything are constructed by factory then it’s delivered into site. We will not talk about manufactured home, but about modular and site built home. Which is better between these? Build on site homes or modular home.

Build On Site Homes

Let’s analyze, materials on site built home are not produced in the same quality control, so these quality are different between one material and other material. Different condition with modular home. All of materials are produce with the same quality control, so these quality can be better than site built home. Materials used are same, but on modular home, materials are constructed with tight quality control. These better quality make this modular home is more expensive than site built home, but in the long time using, this modular home spend less budget for heating and cooling cost, because this home building is constructed with higher quality. Recognize first the difference between these before deciding build on site homes.

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Manufactured Homes Vs Modular

So what can we do to increase quality of a site built home? We can increase its quality by selective when selecting building materials and following the right method and technique when building a home. For example, there are certain formula for making a mixture from cement, sand, stone and water. Some naughty constructor reduce and manipulate this mixture to get some profits. Don’t follow this action. It can make high risk on our home. Follow the right its formula. Other important part, different home design need different iron diameter as skeleton column and sloof. There are formula for this. Don’t change big diameter iron with small diameter iron to reduce cost. As long as we build a home follow the right formula, we can make sure that this home will be good home later. Don’t worry to build on site homes.

Modular Home Built

Modular home has construction strength better than site built home. One of this reason because on modular home, every materials are processed in the right way under tight quality control by experience employee. We can do this for site built home. As above explanation, when making material mixture, make in right formula. Don’t be added or reduced.

Modular And Site Built Homes: Which Is Better?: Build On Site HomesModular And Site Built Homes: Which Is Better?: Manufactured Homes Vs ModularModular And Site Built Homes: Which Is Better?: Modular Home Built

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