Options For Building A Tiny House

On Jay Shafer Tumbleweed Tiny House Company we have two options when we want to get tiny home. We can buy only tiny home plan and then we build by our self and buy ready made tiny home. If we buy ready made, this tiny home will be delivered into our home and this tiny home is ready on the street.  It’s simple way to get tiny home. But, if we want to save money or we want to feel excitement how to build tiny home, buy plan and then realized this plan. Building a tiny home is not difficult. There are clear instruction here step by step for all task parts (floor plan, exterior elevation, electric plan, transverse section, foundation plan, framing plan, roof plan, kitchen and cabinet, door and material list . Building a tiny home will be interesting challenge.

Building A Tiny Home

If we don’t want spend time and feel troublesome building a tiny home, just buy ready made version. Similar option we can get if we want to buy on other tiny home company such as on Tiny Home Builders ( Dan Louche ). This company is located on Central Florida. Here we can buy The Tiny House Construction Guide. Similar with tiny home plan from Jay Shafer, here we can follow step by step instruction here for building a tiny home.

Building A Tiny Home On Wheels

Dan Louche offer us to order several options for building a tiny home and they will do it for us. We can choose from two existing tiny house design. If we like one of them, but we want there are some changes to fit with our requirement, it can be done. If we don’t like these two existing design, we can ask them to design new tiny home for us. Or if we have our own design, we can ask them to do it. The last option is interesting because idea is from us. It’s more special. Some unique design ideas we can find from internet. Nowadays, tiny home design experience significant development. A lot of new tiny homes are designed in modern architecture. It’s different with common tiny home style.

Building A Tiny House

To get our own design is not difficult. We can find some free tiny home design. Just browse internet with keyword tiny home or tiny house. After search engine gets many information, then click images. Select the best design for us. To get tiny home floor plan, use keyword tiny house plans or tiny home plans. And for building this tiny home, at least Dan Louche needs six weeks. Before doing it, they ask 25% down payment before construction is started.

Options For Building A Tiny House: Building A Tiny HomeOptions For Building A Tiny House: Building A Tiny Home On WheelsOptions For Building A Tiny House: Building A Tiny House

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