Popomo: Sleek And Simple Tumbleweed Tiny House

If we visit Jay Shafer Tumbleweed Tiny House Company website, we can look at all of their products, from Box Bungalow, House To Go until Cottage. House To Go is portable house type. This tiny house is completed with trailer. This house can be attracted with truck, car or pick up. It’s ready for traveling. This portable house has several types, such as XS-House, Weebee, Tarleton, Epu, Lusby, Walden, Popomo, Vardo and Fencl. From these types, Popomo is the most unique type. It’s different with other type. Most of other type come in shape such as common home with triangular roof, except Vardo type with curvature roof. Popomo is the most sleek and simple tumbleweed tiny house. Jay Shafer said, that Popomo is the easiest type to be built.

Tumbleweed Tiny House

First and second picture show Popomo from outside and Popomo interior. This tumbleweed tiny house is biggest size from all of portable tiny house on Jay Shafer company. This tiny house has dimension length 20 feet 3 inch and width 8 feet 6 inch. It has wide 172 square feet. Dry weight of this house is 7000 lbs. It has ceiling height 7 feet 6 inch. This height is enough for adult people.  This house room is consist great room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. This great room has dimension 9 ¼ feet x 5 ¼ feet. This great room is biggest than other portable house type.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Interior

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Different with other tiny house type, position bedroom  on first floor. Other tiny house type on second floor with small space. It can be crowded if we put some stuffs there. But here on Popomo, bedroom is more loose. It’s comfortable for sleeping. We don’t necessary to use stair when we will go to bed. This bedroom has dimension 7 ½ feet x 4 ¾ feet. When we look at inside room, we will be surprised. This room interior is looked like modern room interior. This great room is decorated with small table, chair, standing lamp and rugs. Kitchen is completed with stove, cabinet and kitchen zinc. Bedroom is decorated with modern style. There are cabinet and racks on the wall. This is the most loose tumbleweed tiny house.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Pictures,

Second picture show Popomo interior. This interior is beautiful. It can make us on our conventional home. Different with all of other portable house, room interior of Popomo is looked modern. Other types are looked classic with natural wood pattern is looked from outside. If we look for portable house with big space and modern interior style, Popomo is good choice. But if we want to feel the real natural living, other types from XS-House until Fencl are better choice. They represent natural condition with old style but tidy, concise and well arrangement.

Popomo: Sleek And Simple Tumbleweed Tiny House: Tumbleweed Tiny HousePopomo: Sleek And Simple Tumbleweed Tiny House: Tumbleweed Tiny House InteriorPopomo: Sleek And Simple Tumbleweed Tiny House: Tumbleweed Tiny House Pictures,

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