Portable Home, Friend For Travelling

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Do you like travelling, going anywhere or your job need move from one town into another town regularly? If the answer Yes, you maybe need a portable home. It can be your second home on the street. Many various portable now can be found on the market. Mini house and tiny house can be categorized into portable home if these houses are easy to be brought anywhere. Mini house is smaller than tiny house. But not all of mini house and tiny house are designed as portable home. So, when we will buy a portable home, ask to seller to make sure we buy the right product. This house must be easy to be brought anywhere. Some of portable homes are completed with trailer and other are not.

Portable Home

Since Jay Shafer introduce tiny house concept, now tiny house development become fast. On the market we can find many various tiny houses. If portable house from Jay Shafer company is designed in classic style, now other portable house come in modern and ultra modern design. Some of them are prefab mini house. If we like living in portable house such as living on conventional house but in simple way, portable tiny house is good choice. But if we look for portable house with high mobility, portable mini house is good choice. Portable mini house is lighter and smaller than portable tiny house.

Portable Home Design

On the first picture we can see portable house in classic shape, but this house is decorated more artistic. It’s like Jay Shafer tiny house. The difference is on decoration. This house is more stylish. This portable house is called Pocket Shelter. It’s designed by Aaron Maret. On second picture we see mini portable house is attracted by mini car, Cooper. And last picture show modern portable house. This design is rigid, but it’s unique. This house is without wheel. Different with first and second picture, to bring this house we must lift it into pick up or trailer. It’s looked less mobility than first and second picture.

Portable Home Pictures

Portable house is development from nomadic lifestyle since hundreds years ago. People on that era living in nomadic style. They did not stay on certain place. They moved from one place into another place. To live, they brought tent or made temporary house from wood and leaf. Now this nomadic concept is  perfected with tiny house and mini house. So, actually living in portable house is continuation from old lifestyle. It’s new form of nomadic lifestyle with many purposes. Now move into another place with portable house is not to look for food or hunt animal, but for relaxing or doing something.

Portable Home, Friend For Travelling: Portable HomePortable Home, Friend For Travelling: Portable Home DesignPortable Home, Friend For Travelling: Portable Home Pictures

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