Select The Right Tiny Portable Homes

Tiny portable homes are one of Jay Shafer’s line product. There are several interesting options here. This portable home has wide start from 65 up to 172 square feet. XS-House is least type and Popomo is biggest type. We can choose which type is fit with our need. Less is easier to be moved from one place into another place. Bigger is more comfortable. Bigger room means more flexible to decorate room interior. Portable house such as   XS-House, Epu, Weebee, Lusby, Tarleton, Walden and Fencl type have similar design with roof in triangular shape. Popomo is most different. It comes on rectangle such as box. This house is completed with big glass. The last type, Vardo, comes in size that fit with truck bed. We can easier bring Vardo if we to go with this portable house.

Tiny Portable Homes

Which are better between these tiny portable homes are depended on requirement. If we want to place this tiny house on our truck, Vardo is the best choice. It’s fit with truck bed. If we want bigger tha Vardo, we can choose between XS-House until Fencl. XS-House has very simple floor plan. It comes with main room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Position bedroom on loft. If we put a lot of furniture and appliances on this XS-House, maybe this house will felt stuffy. Fencl type comes with bigger size. Similar with XS-House type, Fencl has main room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Bedroom is also placed on loft.

Tiny Mobile Homes

Main room on Fencl is wider. Even though this house is completed with simple furniture, but if necessary we can add our furniture or we can decorate this room with our own style. It will make this house become very special. For example, on this wall we can install modern wall clock or printing picture with wood frame. It will be attractive. But, because this is a portable house, make sure everything we install on this wall is installed strongly. On street, this house will experience shakes. Fencl is one of ideal tiny portable homes. It comes with beautiful design and comfortable room. Similar with XS-House, this type is also completed with stainless steel fireplace. It will be useful appliance when night or cold season come.

Small Mobile Homes

Both of XS-House or Fencl, we can buy plan of these houses or we can buy ready made. We can save extra money if we can build by our self, because when we build by our self, we only spend construction cost. But, when we buy ready made, there are other cost components included, such as company profit, employ salary and tax. But if we don’t want meet troublesome, buy ready made can be considered.

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Select The Right Tiny Portable Homes: Tiny Portable HomesSelect The Right Tiny Portable Homes: Tiny Mobile HomesSelect The Right Tiny Portable Homes: Small Mobile Homes

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