Simple Trailer House Plans Ideas

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There are different between little house on trailer and tiny house. Little house on trailer is simply small house. It’s bigger than tiny house. So, there’salso different on their floor plan. On tiny house, such as portable house from Jay Shafer company, from XS-House type until Fencl type, bedroom in on loft. It’s very close to roof position. Only Popomo type that put bedroom not on loft. Because little house on trailer has space bigger than tiny house, so this house is more loose. First picture show a trailer house floorplan. Here there are one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom and one dining room. This floor plan is simple. It’s on lengthwise shape. This is typical trailer house plans.

Trailer House Plans

Because of this limited space on trailer house like this, so it’s usually there are not much variations on trailer house plans with width 11-12 feet. We will not meet bedroom on left wide and kitchen on right side or bathroom inside bedroom on trailer house with lengthwise shape like this. Other variation is only on appliances  completeness . With this size, this trailer house is still able to be brought on some places, but it will not have mobility level such as portable house. This trailer house has dimension bigger than tiny house. It means more comfortable. Tiny house is smaller than trailer house, but it’s more portable. If we like traveling, tiny house is good choice, but if we like bigger space for comfort, trailer house is right choice.

Small Trailer House Plans

To make this trailer house become comfortable, we must avoid crowded appearance by placing a lot of furbiture and apliances. These trailer house plans are bigger than tiny house, but it will mean nothing if we can not decorate this room well. This room must be looked tidy every time. All of furniture and appliances must be arranged on concise way. Put some cabinets on this room are good choice. These cabinets can be stored stuffs to keep  this room tidy. This trailer house must also be cleaned regularly to clean from dirt. We can use water, broom, mop and cloth. If we use cleaner, make sure this cleaner will not damage this wood surface.

Little House Trailer

Like on portable tiny house, stainless steel fireplace mantel can be useful appliance if we stay on cold temperature region or when cold season come. It can warm our room. Small fireplace mantel is enough. To keep this trailer house repressent natural atmosphere, decorate thistrailer house with brown or white color. This wall can be paintedwith white and this floor in brown color.

Simple Trailer House Plans Ideas: Trailer House PlansSimple Trailer House Plans Ideas: Small Trailer House PlansSimple Trailer House Plans Ideas: Little House Trailer

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