Simple Way To Design And Build A Micro Home

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As we know micro home is very small home. But actually, design and build process for this micro home is similar with other common home, no matter whether these home are tiny house, little house trailer, tiny cabin, small house or big house. Three process steps here are: design floor plan, prepare all of needed materials,  calculate needed budget and then start to build this micro home. These process will be better if we prepare task checklist for controlling building progress. This micro home is usually build with wood, so process for building this micro home will be similar with process for building a tiny house. There are some micro home plans we can explore, but with limited space of this micro home, these variations will be less than other kind of homes.

Micro Home Plans

Let’s started with first step. Micro home plans are started with creating the right floor plans. Usually a micro home has one bedroom, one bathroom and one kitchen. Each of these rooms come on small size. For bedroom, there’s small bed, likewise kitchen and bathroom. Bathroom is completed with shower and toilet. Kitchen appliances here are stove and kitchen cabinets. We can store some stuffs on this cabinets to make this micro home in clean and tidy appearance. We have no enough flexibility to arrange furniture here. Just less furniture we can place here. It doesn’t matter because a micro home is not designed as common home. It’s just temporary home that we use when we need.

Micro House Plans Design

From several micro home plans that we have developed, we can choose the best one that fit with our requirement. After we get the right floor plan, now it’s time for building this micro home. First time we build micro home framing for all of side, including here wall, floor and roof. After finishing this framing process, then we cover this framing with sheathing. The next task is completed with electrical, furniture and appliances. Make sure to use high quality solid wood, because usually this micro home is placed on open air area, such as on backyard. This wood material must able withstand with all of outside condition, including temperature changing and humidity factor. Good solid wood can make this micro home has long durability. Don’t use plywood or press board. These wood types will be damaged under moisture influence factor.

Free Micro Home Plans

This micro home can be beautified with melamine. Melamine is for coating this micro home surface. The advantage of this melamine if we compare with paint, melamine can show natural wood pattern and texture. Because this micro home has very small size, it’s better if we create large window with clear glass. Then decorate this micro home with bright color theme. It will make this micro home is looked larger than actually size.

Simple Way To Design And Build A Micro Home: Micro Home PlansSimple Way To Design And Build A Micro Home: Micro House Plans DesignSimple Way To Design And Build A Micro Home: Free Micro Home Plans

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