Simple Way To Measure Square Footage

Most of people don’t like mathematics, because this science is full of confusing formula. But, some other people like this mathematics very much. Which category are you? Like or hate? Well, it’s not important to be debated anymore, but in this real living, sometime we face situation that we must able make calculation with mathematics formula. Calculator is great tool as long as we have understood what to do, for example, we can use calculator easily to measure square footage of a rectangle box. We can then input all of length and width data for calculating. But, how can we use calculator for calculating measure square footage of a home that this home comes in unique shape? The problem will not simple anymore.

Measure Square Footage

On this mathematics formula there are regular geometry shape that we have recognized. This geometry shape, such as circle, rectangle, triangle, trapezium and so on have exact formula when we will calculate its wide or volume. Actually, we can use these exact formula based on these geometry shape to calculate any other shape by adding or dividing technique. For example when we will build a home, after we design home floor plan, we want to know total measure square footage of this home floor plan. This task will be easy, if this floor plan comes on geometry shape like on mathematics lesson. But on the real life, it’s usually all shape come in shape mixture. So, how can we know the wide of this floor?

Measure Square Footage Of House

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The first technique by calculating each of this room wide. Measure one by one each length and width. Calculate their each wide, then we can add all of room wide. Now, we get total measure square footage of this floor plan. The second technique, we make helping line outside this floor plan picture in rectangle shape to make this calculating easier. Then we calculate its wide. Just multiply length and width. The result of this calculating is not represent the real dimension, because we calculate based on helping line around this area. This result must be reduced with area between the real floor plan and this helping line. Use the same first technique to calculate based on certain geometry that we have known. The result after helping line wide is reduced with this area will produce the real wide of this floor plan. From these two techniques, just choose which one that it’s easier for us.

How To Measure Square Footage Of A Room

Both of these technique sometime it still makes people feel confuse. Unfortunately, there are no way if we use calculator for calculating this area. If we use computer, we can use other sophisticated way for calculating this area. We can use software such as MathLab. It’s powerful mathematics software. But, to use it, unfortunately it’s rather complicated for common people. So, is there easy and smart way.  Yes, some of home design software such as Autocad has feature to calculate wide of area such as this. It’s simpler and easier.

Simple Way To Measure Square Footage: Measure Square FootageSimple Way To Measure Square Footage: Measure Square Footage Of HouseSimple Way To Measure Square Footage: How To Measure Square Footage Of A Room

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