Small Cottage Designs For Holiday

Cottage is designed and built for relaxing place on certain time, such as on holliday. Usually cottage is built on natural environment to give fresh atmosphere for people who stay there. Cottage design is also adapted from environment around it. Some cottages are built with wood sheet, brick and log. However, a cottage must able give comfortable for people. No matter beautiful place where this cottage is built, it’s useless if this cottage can not give comfort feeling. Small cottage designs can be good if these cottages can be harmonized with environment surrounding it. For example, cottage from wood is looked good on suburb region with fresh nature condition.

Small Cottage Designs

First picture show one of small cottage designs. This cottage can be built on land 310-404 square feet. It has width 14 feet and length 18 feet. This cottage design is called Harbinger. It’s designed by tumbleweed tiny house company. This company is owned by Jay Shafer. This cottage has loft, but this cottage is not esigned as a portable house. If necessary this cottage can be completed with air conditioning and fireplace mantel. AC and fireplacewill be useful appliances when summer or cold season come. But however before installing these appliances, it’s better if discuss with contractor first to determine the best type.

Simple Cottage Designs

Loft on this cottage is for bedroom.It remind us bedroom on portable tiny house, such as XS-House or Fencl. Without aditionally room, this cottage has dimension 310 square feet. It ebcomes 404 square feet, after this cottageis added with newbedroomon first floor. This cottage design is simple and beautiful. If we like this cottage, we can buy this plan and then build by ourself or hire contractor. We can also modify this floor plan and its exterior if necessary. To modify this cottage design, we can explore other small cottage designs on internet.

Small Cottage Ideas

Picture second show other small cottage design. This design is traditional. This cottage is made with log wood. It repressent natural atmosphere with wood in natural color. It’s combined with some windows with red flower in front of these windows.  On yard, there’s stone retaining wall. This cottage is looked tidy. It’s looked harmonize with environment around it. Perfect for relaxing. The last picture show unique cottage. It’s adapted from tree architecture where this house is built on tree. It’s very unique and can give sensation when holiday stay on this house.

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Small Cottage Designs For Holiday: Small Cottage DesignsSmall Cottage Designs For Holiday: Simple Cottage DesignsSmall Cottage Designs For Holiday: Small Cottage Ideas

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