Small Glass House For Garden And Relaxing Place

Small Glass House can be a gardening house or house for living. But, very small glass house is more fit for gardening. It will not fit for living house. It’s different with tiny house. In the same dimension between tiny house and glass house, it will be have different function. Tiny house can be used as alternative house. We can still do activity such as on conventional house, but we will meet difficulty when we do the same activity on glass house. Wall of tiny house is made from wood. This wood can cover room inside, but on glass house, most of wall is made of glass. It will be looked strange if we live here. Such as living on jar.

Small Glass House

But small glass house will be beautiful house if it’s functioned on garden. As we know there are several plant types that must be placed in close area, but in the same time, it must get enough sun light. So, for this purpose, a small glass house can be the answer. Besides that, a scientist can use small glass house on their research, such as they are researching butterfly or other insect. This butterfly can be placed on this house. It can make easier to supervise this animal. Besides that, the existing of this big glass make this house bright all day time. It can be comfortable place for this animal.

Small Glass House Plans

As seen on above picture. This is small house for garden. This small glass house has dimension length 2674 mm and width 2674 mm. It’s perfect rectangle shape. This house has simple shape and construction. It has sliding door and window. This wall material is made from wood, and most of surface is covered with glass. It’s good if we place on garden. It can be glass house for plant, flower or insect research. This house is also good as alternative gazebo. It can be modern gazebo on the garden. But weakness of this glass house, if we function as gazebo, most of wall surface is in closed condition. Maybe we can make some modification if we want to create gazebo with this concept.

Small Glass Houses Home Design

Different with other tiny house such as XS-House from Jay Shafer company, this small glass house for garden is also difficult if we function as portable house or cabin. This design make us less privacy if we place it on open air region, such as on pasture, under the hill, rustic region or near forest. This house is looked good on the garden. It can be alternative place for drinking coffee. We can put outdoor furniture here. Invite friends here will be pleasant activity. This house will be very good if we place near fruit arbor or ornamental grass on the garden.

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Small Glass House For Garden And Relaxing Place: Small Glass HouseSmall Glass House For Garden And Relaxing Place: Small Glass Houses Home DesignSmall Glass House For Garden And Relaxing Place: Small Glass House Plans

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