Small Home Plans With Loft For Small Family

If a young couple have two kids and they will build a home for their family, but the size of their land is small. It’s impossible to build big house. Besides that, they have no enough money for buying a representative home on real estate company. So what should they do? The answer for this situation is building small home plans with loft. On the same land size, by building home with loft,  it can have more rooms than building single floor tier. This is one of advantage of loft. Besides that, if there’s residual place on loft, we can use it for storing stuffs there. So, what different between building with loft and without loft? Let’s analyze.

Small Home Plans With Loft

The different between home with loft and without loft are in construction strength. Load that’s endured by foundation and construction on home with loft is more weight than without loft. So, this home must have foundation stronger than without love. Ground is dig deeper than without loft. Besides that iron for construction is bigger with diameter is larger than without loft. It’s all for making sure this construction is enough for holding all of weight. Before building  small home plans with loft, we must understand first about it.

Small House Plans With Loft

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There are several small home plans with loft ideas we can consider. Assuming this young couple have two kids and they need two bedroom. One master bedroom and one bedroom. Master bedroom is for parent and other bedroom for kids. For single floor tier, they can build home plan with one living room, one family room, one master bedroom, one bathroom and one kitchen. This bathroom can be built inside bedroom, because only parent use this. Living room and family room can be built on the same room, then these rooms are separated or divided by installing partition. We can buy this partition on the store. There are many various design and style partition there.

House Plans Loft Style

On the second floor tier, we can build one bedroom and empty room. We can function this empty room as storage place when we can store any stuffs here. Bathroom kids can be placed inside or outside bedroom. Asking kids which this bathroom will be placed. On this bedroom, we can place twin size bed or two beds for two kids. When these kids grow up, then we can change this empty room become new bedroom.  

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